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Find Associated Image

SuiteCommerce Bundle

Whether you're adding new products, uploading new item images, or editing image naming reference fields (such as item names), clicking through hundreds of item records to check on associated images is a tedious, time-consuming, and now unnecessary task.

Anchor Group created a bundle that allows you to run saved searches on the item record to quickly find associated product images. It is a rapid, self-install NetSuite bundle and has been released to the community for FREE!


Mailchimp Integration to NetSuite

SuiteCommerce Integration, NetSuite Integration

Get the ultimate NetSuite Mailchimp integration that allows for ecommerce automation, including cart abandonment and product recommendations. Mailchimp is a great marketing tool to add to NetSuite because it is designed around centralized data. Ready to exceed your marketing goals?


Google reCAPTCHA

SuiteCommerce Bundle

Facing fraudulent orders and bot attacks? This is a fast and ready to self-install SuiteCommerce bundle to fight back against evil...

Enable reCAPTCHA for your registration page and checkout.


Sezzle Integration to NetSuite

SuiteCommerce Integration, NetSuite Integration

Sezzle is a revolutionary system that makes payments more manageable for customers through a "Buy Now, Pay Later" model supported by simple interest-free installment plans. Don't worry! These payment plans don't sacrifice a vendor's security or lead to high accounts receivable balances.

By connecting Sezzle with NetSuite, you are able to reach a wider group of customers, and increase your market share!


Single Login Customer Swapping

SuiteCommerce Extension

This SuiteCommerce extension provides a login menu in the header that allows a Parent Customer contact to toggle to a Child Customer that they want to shop on behalf of.

When a contact uses this Child Customer "Impersonation" feature to toggle to a child customer store view, the shopping experience inherits that Child Customer's pricing and locks the Child Customer's information in checkout.


CSV Order Import

SuiteCommerce Extension

This SuiteCommerce extension adds a CSV upload section to the cart view, and is especially handy for B2B companies with customers placing large repeat orders.

The CSV order import extension allows customers to prepare a CSV file ahead of time, and add large numbers of items to their cart at once through a single import, rather than having to add each item to the cart individually.


Contact Management Solution

SuiteCommerce Extension

Keep your SuiteCommerce site locked down and accessible only to approved customers, without having to approve every user! This SuiteCommerce extension allows designated users to create new contact records associated with their customer record.

Approve the first user from a company in my account and assign them as a designated approver. Once approved, this individual can manage users and grant new user access to your webstore for employees at their company.


Multi-Cart (Dynamic Carts)

SuiteCommerce Extension

This SuiteCommerce extension allows customers to create multiple dynamic carts (instead of wishlists) & toggle between them. See live changes with price levels, move items from one cart to another, and even merge entire carts!

Lets carts be shared between contacts on a single customer record, or even across customer records.


Subscription Solution

SuiteCommerce App

There is a barrier to selling subscriptions through SuiteCommerce, because there is no native functionality in NetSuite for listing subscription plans on the store. Overcome that barrier with this SuiteCommerce solution that generates a subscription record upon sales order creation!


Build Your Kit/Complex Promotion

SuiteCommerce Extension

Looking for a way to increase customer engagement on your SuiteCommerce webstore or push certain products out the door?

This SuiteCommerce extension allows you to gamify the shopping experience for your customers through a complex promotion that changes the customer price level based on the contents of the cart.


Prop 65 Warning

SuiteCommerce Extension

Every business that sells products in the state of California is required to include Prop 65 warnings on items containing chemicals that can cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Protect yourself from compliance issues with this SuiteCommerce extension!


Location-Specific Stock Display

SuiteCommerce App

Improve your inventory management, logistics, and fulfillment as relates to ecommerce by personalizing customer store views to reflect the stock levels at the customer's assigned warehouse!

This SuiteCommerce extension looks at the assigned warehouse for a customer and displays stock messaging on the PDP and PLP for that specific warehouse.


Advanced Compound Sorting

SuiteCommerce App

Do you have a product listing page that you want to provide further sorting capabilities? This SuiteCommerce feature will allow you to stack sorts like bestsellers, ratings, featured, new arrivals, and any other type of sorting that you would prefer. Let's assume you have "Best Seller" selected in the sort... you may want the following products to show in this order... new arrivals, highest rated featured, lowest rated in stock, then lowest rated out of stock. This feature will do that for you while maintaining high performance.


PCV Alternative

SuiteCommerce App

Use this PCV (personalized catalog view) alternative solution to map a certain customer type to a certain group of products, and restrict access to products that fall outside a customer's visibility.

This extension replicates the behavior of SuiteCommerce PCV, but allows for tighter restrictions overall. With this solution, customers cannot find items outside their visibility in searches in the webstore or through the direct URL.


Shipping Box Size Logic

SuiteCommerce App

Looking for a way to charge for shipping costs with greater accuracy?

This script uses item dimensions and weight to determine the best combination of shipping boxes based on options in a Custom Record. The results of this script are then utilized to calculate accurate shipping rates, so you can charge your customers for the correct amount.


Place Order Pop Up Offer

SuiteCommerce App

Increase your order total and push more product out the door. Use this pop up as a way to instantly increase revenue. When a customer places an order in checkout, a pop-up will appear giving them a special offer. Fully customizing pop up and offer content. Choose the item you want to upsell to your customers. Need to liquidate a low demand product? This is the place to do it!


Automatic Credit Card Fee

SuiteCommerce App

Do you want to add a fee to your cart? Credit card or maybe some other type of special fee? This customization will take the cart total and add a fee to it. For credit card fees, only make the fee apply when the credit card option is selected!


Product Registration/Rebate Form

SuiteCommerce Extension

This SuiteCommerce extension creates a custom record for either product registration or rebate submission, depending on your company's use case.

The product registration/rebate form allows you to validate serial numbers on the front end by looking through fulfillment records on the back-end.


Child Customer "Impersonation"

SuiteCommerce Extension

This SuiteCommerce extension provides a login menu in the header that allows a contact from the Parent Customer to toggle to a Child Customer that they want to shop on behalf of.

When a contact uses this Child Customer "Impersonation" feature to toggle to a child customer store view, the shopping experience inherits that Child Customer's pricing and locks the Child Customer's information in checkout.


Wholesale Bulk Order Form

SuiteCommerce App

Wholesale businesses want to make the purchasing process as smooth as possible for large orders. Give your customers the ability to instantly add products to the cart from a list of products. Utilize existing search, facets, and filtering to narrow the list for bulk ordering. When quantities change, the cart is immediately updated.


Saved Search My Account Extension

SuiteCommerce Extension

The saved search SuiteCommerce extension is a configurable extension that allows for saved searches to be added to My Account.

It's a great way to surface different ERP data to your customers with limited effort. You can configure many saved searches and instantly add them to another tab in SuiteCommerce. 


Koerber + NetSuite Integration

SuiteCommerce Integration, NetSuite Integration

This integration pulls shipping rates from Koerber (a 3rd party WMS solution) for more tracking and billing for more accurate shipping rates. Useful for any business on Koerber wanting to connect back to NetSuite!


Display Custom Records

SuiteCommerce App

Have custom record or unique customer specific information that you want to display in my account? Display whatever you want. If you don't have a custom record holding the information, we will get it set up for you. This quick and easy bundle installation will connect and configure your NetSuite custom record in "my account" in under 4 hours. Toggle between table view or block view. Display customer specific information like product reviews, course key codes, or other B2B customer specific information.


SuiteCommerce App FAQs

  • What are SuiteCommerce Apps?

    SuiteCommerce Apps are applications or bundles designed to customize the functionality of a SuiteCommerce website. A SuiteCommerce App can be installed as a part of your initial SuiteCommerce Implementation or as a part of a plan for ongoing customization.

  • Are SuiteCommerce Apps different from SuiteCommerce modules?

    Yes, SuiteCommerce modules are the core ecommerce solutions built by NetSuite to serve as the framework for a company's ecommerce presence. SuiteCommerce Apps help businesses further customize the store functionality provided by the SuiteCommerce module(s) they use.

  • Are SuiteCommerce Apps compatible with SuiteCommerce My Account?

    Solution compatibility differs based on the SuiteCommerce App in question. Some SuiteCommerce Apps are compatible with My Account, while others are built to extend the functionality of a SuiteCommerce (Standard) or SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) site.

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