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Anchor Group NetSuite Partners

To add more value to our clients, we have partnered with some of the best NetSuite solutions in the world to provide NetSuite customers access to more options to resolve their business pain points. Anchor Group NetSuite consultants advise companies which solutions are best for their NetSuite instance by evaluating their current business processes, how their ERP is currently set up, identifying pain points, and formulating the ideal software solution package. 

There are many partners of ours that are best for certain NetSuite instances and depending on your specific needs, our partners may or may not be the best fit for you. We help you take an objective approach to identify your needs and pair you with the solution that will help you save the most amount of time and money. 

After deciding the perfect solution for your organization, we help you integrate the solution into NetSuite. Sometimes we use our partner's implementation team and other times we utilize our internal team. This depends on your needs and which solution accommodates best for your budget and timeline. 

List of NetSuite Partners

Annex Cloud

by Anchor Group

Loyalty Experience Manager™

  • Build emotional bonds with customers in every interaction, across every platform

  • Incent profitable customer behaviors with meaningful rewards

  • Keep customers engaged and driving growth through gamification, user generated content, referrals and influencer management

  • Gain customer intelligence that enables hyper-personalization, sophisticated segmentation and highly targeted campaign management


by Anchor Group

  • Instantly rate shop your favorite carriers

  • Geo-tracking

  • Easy returns for you and your customers

  • Track inventory

  • Detailed analytics

  • Full-featured Mobile App

  • Monitor and sync inventory levels

Riva Sync

by Anchor Group

  • Syncs NetSuite to Exchange, 365, Gmail, and more

  • Bidirectional Sync for contacts, calendar, tasks, and custom data

  • One-way sync for email tracking, and CRM specific content

  • Reliable sync

  • Simple to manage


by Anchor Group

  • Integrate NetSuite with popular software solutions

  • Add integrations as you grow

  • Platform to manage integration flows

  • Configuration integration options

  • iPaaS

  • Automates business processes across applications

  • Visual interface

  • Leverage hundreds of connectors


by Anchor Group

  • Real-time expense reporting

  • Employee focused tool

  • Submit expenses from multiple apps already in use

  • Track company spend trends and future risks


by Anchor Group

  • Payment acceptance

  • Fraud management

  • Payment security

  • Works with NetSuite and SuiteCommerce


by Anchor Group

  • Flashlight - day to day account management

  • Documentation & Optimization

  • Intelligent Change Management

  • ITGC reporting

  • Formal change management

  • Enterprise Compliance

  • Advanced segregation of duties

  • master data and financial controls

  • Multi-platform environement comparison

  • Audit-ready reporting for SOX, FDA, and other standards

Search Spring

by Anchor Group

  • Site Search

  • Search with special characters 

  • Long tail search

  • Typo correction

  • Product awareness

  • Product recommendations 

  • Product Finders

  • Custom Landing Pages

  • Boosting Rules


by Anchor Group

  • Accept Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and ACH, including 0% fee bank to bank payments

  • Get wholesale credit card and ACH rates

  • Enable Least-Cost-Routing

  • Use “Payer-Pays-Fees” to offset transaction costs

  • Optimized SuiteCommerce Advanced


by Anchor Group

  • Intelligent AP automation

  • Real-time invoice capture and coding

  • Centralized collaboration

  • AP automation process visibility

  • Audit-ready history

  • 1 day setup

  • Intuitive AP automation interface


by Anchor Group

  • Field service management software

  • Integrate to NetSuite

  • Mobile inspection software

  • Mobile field service software

  • Scheduling

  • Calls and Dispatch

  • Asset Tracking

  • Service Contracts

  • Work Orders

  • Inventory


by Anchor Group

  • Cycle Counting

  • Mobile Pick Pack Ship

  • Work Center Reporting

  • Packing Station

  • Inbound & Outbound License Plating

  • Pre-Allocation & Location Leveling

  • Mobile app