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NetSuite ERP is arguable the best ERP in the world because it can provide the flexibility any organization needs to have deep access to their data. Advanced Financials, order management, and unparalleled eCommerce connectivity drive the platform to help your business grow all their channels of revenue while effectively maintaining data integrity. 


NetSuite Consultants

Our team of NetSuite Consultants can expertly handle jobs of any size. The Functional Consultant knows how to leverage all of the powerful native features of NetSuite while the Developer will step in when your NetSuite processes need to be customized using scripts. If you are considering a new ERP Implementation or simply an update of your existing system, our team has you covered.

Check out what makes Anchor Group your one-stop-shop for all things NetSuite including SuiteCommerce. 

Our NetSuite Implementation Methodology

Anchor Group is a Certified NetSuite Partner. Our team is based out of Madison, Wisconsin providing services to the entire United States. Not only does Anchor Group accomplish highly technical NetSuite development projects, but it also implements NetSuite's flagship modules like SuiteCommerce Advanced. Interested in implementing an e-commerce solution? We offer free graphic designs for your potential eCommerce website!

What is the first step?

We will spend some time with you helping you determine which NetSuite products are necessary for your industry and business. It might be worth it to utilize a custom solution rather than a module! If that is the case, you might save yourself thousands of dollars annually by avoiding an unnecessary licensing fee. This first step is where you will get a highly detailed estimate. You can count on our estimates to be incredibly detailed to the hour. 

Kicking Off a Project

We will kick off the NetSuite implementation by pulling all the decision-makers in a single session. There are always things needed by your team. We will do the heavy lifting by guiding you through strategic decisions based on our experience in your industry.

NetSuite Implementation

We are going to dive into the configuration of every module while automating data using workflows and SuiteScript to keep your employees working on the projects that keep your business profitable. During this phase, you will see the look of the forms, the look of the templates used for invoicing or other customer-facing documents, and will begin to see the entire product take shape.

User Acceptance Testing and Training

This is a vital stage for every NetSuite implementation. During this phase, every person that will be utilizing NetSuite for their job will have the opportunity to test out the process while giving input on areas that work to make it more effective for their day-to-day lives. This feedback is essential to your employee buy-in of the finished product. We take this feedback to implement any automation that would make their lives easier or place them on the roadmap if it is not necessary for your Go-Live.  This stage is the perfect opportunity for us to train your employees on how to utilize NetSuite.

Test. Test. Test.

Finally, our team will test the heck out of the product to ensure that there is no stone left unturned.



On the designated date, we turn the switch and your company is live on NetSuite.  In this part of the project, our team is often on-site with you to help any employees that are having a difficult time understanding what to do. 

Wait...We are done, right?

We wish that was the case, but realistically there will be things you want to add onto the NetSuite ERP to make it be even more efficient for you. Your business will always be changing and you may have decided to place other modules on the roadmap for after your initial go-live. If you haven't already, this is a great time to add more channels of revenue through a SuiteCommerce website, integrations to Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Overstock, or any other eCommerce platform. Maybe you want the customer center portal to look like an eCommerce website. We can do that too! 

There are many options on how to modify NetSuite as your business grows. We will be there every step of the way to implement solutions or to identify strategic methods to be more effective with the ERP.

Services Commonly Part of the ERP Implementation:


This is a partial list of our NetSuite development services. If you have a question on a pain point you are experiencing in the ERP system, book an appointment here


Custom Development

Professional NetSuite developer support capable of coding the most difficult scripts in NetSuite. Each script is optimized for performance so your page speed doesn't get slowed. 

Common SuiteScripts are user event, scheduled, map reduced, and client scripts.


Ecommerce Web Development

Looking at implementing or improving your SuiteCommerce Advanced website? Our team is a NetSuite commerce agency partner with a track record of success. Custom themes and extensions to create a stunning web store that attracts your target audience. Advanced pre-built solutions for B2B and B2C websites. Get a free graphic design of your ecommerce website during your discovery phase!

Customer Center Portal

Are you using NetSuite's customer center to allow your customers to place orders (i.e. wholesale)? We can make the portal flow like an ecommerce website to give your customers a streamlined customer-focused checkout process inside of the portal. We can also make grid table ordering that automatically inserts selected quantities into the sales order!


NetSuite Functional Consultants

Need help implementing a NetSuite solution or formulating a strategic architectural design? Our techno-functional consultants know the ins-and-outs of the ERP system to build you a solution that resolves all your pain points. You will get a dedicated, responsive NetSuite consultant who is available for questions and solution integrations. 


NetSuite Modules

Your ERP system has a suite of products available to you. Explore all the NetSuite modules that can transform your organization. We will implement these solutions and customize them even further. If you have a requirement that the module currently doesn't have, then our development and consultant team customizes it to form around your business.


NetSuite Integrations

There are plenty of 3rd party software solutions that integrate into NetSuite. Some are better than others, and they all can offer more features than a NetSuite module. Explore some of these integration options that customers often request of our developer team. Even if you are using an integrator platform, we'll get it set up for you.


SuiteMarkets Store

There are many firms and independent developers that make scripts, themes, extensions, and other useful NetSuite customizations. SuiteMarkets is a simple platform to bring awareness to the power of NetSuite customization. Check out some of our listed scripts and SuiteCommerce extensions. This is a 3rd party platform that allows any NetSuite developer to list customizations.  It's rather new, but keep an eye on it as it grows!

Engagement Models


Our team is flexible and has several common engagement models that are common for our customers. If one of these models does not work for you, then reach out and tell us about your preference!

Hourly Ad Hoc Projects

Pay by the Hour - No Commitments

Get billed on an hourly basis with no commitment required by you to continue a project. This is great for people who want to slowly build a relationship of trust by working a few hours at a time.


This plan can flow directly into milestone pricing which is listed below.


Make sure to check out our active promotions to see what discounts we have on our hourly ad hoc rate.

Managed Services

Buy bulk hours and use them before they exprire

Buy hours in bulk and use them up before the agreement end date. This is ideal for companies needing large projects or continuous support for a long duration. This plan can be structured as a payment plan for large projects. For example, you may have a 300-hour project that you need to finish in 2 months, but want to make payments for 6 months to spread the investment expenditure.  Hours simply need to be used by the end of the contract period which is typically 6-12 months. You can also utilize this plan to get x amount of hours per month spread over the entire contract period. 

Milestone Pricing

Pay by the hour - No Commitments - Unlock Lower Prices as you go

This is our most popular plan. Start at our standard rate for the first 50 hours, then get $10 off per hour every 50 hours until your rate gets down to the lowest tier. You will be locked in at that tier for life. Make sure to check our promotions to see if you can start at a lower rate. We know you'll like our services and we want to form a long-term partnership with you!

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