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MailChimp Integration to NetSuite

NetSuite ERP, SuiteCommerce

Get the ultimate NetSuite MailChimp integration that allows for ecommerce automation including cart abandonment and product recommendations.

Hourly Employee Timeclock

NetSuite ERP

Does your company have hourly employees that need to be able to clock in and out? Utilize this mobile responsive, built inside NetSuite, and SuitePeople compatible solution. Get a tablet and mount to your warehouse wall as a clocking solution option. Let your employees take break and lunch while tracking accurate time entries. Avoid duplicate time entries via timeclock validations.

NetSuite EDI graphic

NetSuite EDI Integration Through Transus EDI

NetSuite ERP

With EDI from Transus, you can communicate quickly, reliably and affordably with businesses around the world. It enables NetSuite users to automate EDI transactions with customers, vendors and 3PLs in the cloud.

Recurring sales graphic NetSuite erp software

Recurring Sales Orders

NetSuite ERP

Does your business offer Software as a Service (SaaS) or subscription based products? Recurring Sales Orders allows for the automatic creation of a sales order based upon an end date defined in the original sales order. In addition to automating the sales order process, this customization prevents any interruptions in customer invoicing and revenue recognition.

Customer Agreement Portal graphic NetSuite erp software

NetSuite Customer Documents Signing Portal

NetSuite ERP

Allow your customers, vendors and more to be given a link to an agreement form inside of NetSuite that is visually stunning. After all parties sign the agreement, it is attached to the appropriate NetSuite records as a PDF.

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MailChimp Integration to NetSuite

SuiteCommerce, NetSuite ERP

Get the ultimate NetSuite MailChimp integration that allows for ecommerce automation including cart abandonment and product recommendations.

Advanced Compound Sorting


Do you have a product listing page that you want to provide further sorting capabilities? This SuiteCommerce feature will allow you to stack sorts like best sellers, ratings, featured, new arrivals, and any other type of sorting that you would prefer. Let's assume you have "Best Seller" selected in the sort... you may want the following products to show in this order... new arrivals, highest rated featured, lowest rated in stock, then lowest rated out of stock. This feature will do that for you while maintaining high performance.

Custom records icon for NetSuite SuiteCommerce

Display Custom Records


Have custom record or unique customer specific information that you want to display in my account? Display whatever you want. If you don't have a custom record holding the information, we will get it set up for you. This quick and easy bundle installation will connect and configure your NetSuite custom record in "my account" in under 4 hours. Toggle between table view or block view. Display customer specific information like product reviews, course key codes, or other B2B customer specific information.

Checkout screen popup graphic for NetSuite SuiteCommerce

Place Order Pop Up Offer


Increase your order total and push more product out the door. Use this pop up as a way to instantly increase revenue. When a customer places an order in checkout, a pop up will appear giving them a special offer. Fully customizing pop up and offer content. Choose the item you want to up sell to your customers. Need to liquidate a low demand product? This is the place to do it!

Automatic Credit Card Fee


Do you want to add a fee to your cart? Credit card or maybe some other type of special fee? This customization will take the cart total and add a fee to it. For credit card fees, only make the fee apply when the credit card option is selected!

Wholesale bulk order form icon for SuiteCommerce

Wholesale Bulk Order Form


Wholesale businesses want to make the purchasing process as smooth as possible for large orders. Give your customers the ability to instantly add products to the cart of a list of products. Utilize existing search, facets, and filtering to narrow the list for bulk ordering. When quantities change, cart is immediately updated.

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