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Browse available bundles, integrations, and extensions created by our team of NetSuite Developers. If you don't see a NetSuite App that meets your needs, contact us to let us know what you're looking for! We may have a similar customization in our project pipeline, or be able to refer you to an existing third-party solution that could help resolve your pain point!


Mailchimp Integration to NetSuite

NetSuite Integration, SuiteCommerce Integration

Get the ultimate NetSuite Mailchimp integration that allows for ecommerce automation, including cart abandonment and product recommendations. Mailchimp is a great marketing tool to add to NetSuite because it is designed around centralized data. Ready to exceed your marketing goals?


Sezzle Integration to NetSuite

NetSuite Integration, SuiteCommerce Integration

Sezzle is a revolutionary system that makes payments more manageable for customers through a "Buy Now, Pay Later" model supported by simple interest-free installment plans. Don't worry! These payment plans don't sacrifice a vendor's security or lead to high accounts receivable balances.

By connecting Sezzle with NetSuite, you are able to reach a wider group of customers, and increase your market share!


CSV Import Scheduler

NetSuite App

Have you ever had to stay late at the office in order to import data to NetSuite at the right time?

With this NetSuite extension, you can prepare CSV imports ahead of time and set them to run exactly when you need them to. You can schedule these imports from inside the NetSuite user interface, or even via email!


Hourly Employee Timeclock

NetSuite Extension

Does your company have hourly employees that need to be able to clock in and out? Utilize this mobile-responsive, built-inside-NetSuite, and SuitePeople-compatible solution. Let your employees take breaks and lunch while tracking accurate time entries. Get a tablet and mount to your warehouse wall as a clocking solution option. Avoid duplicate time entries via time clock validations.


Checkout.com Integration to NetSuite

NetSuite Integration

Accept more payment types in NetSuite by connecting Checkout.com Payments through this simple, streamlined integration! The Checkout.com all-in-one global payments and reconciliation platform involves minimal third-party interactions, giving you the fastest payment processing speeds in the industry!


Advanced Entity Portals

NetSuite Solution

Advanced Entity Portals is a platform built on top of NetSuite to allow companies to interact with their customers, vendors, employees, and any relationship that your company has with those entities!

Advanced Entity Portals allows you to give your vendors, customers, or employees a self-serve portal where they can view data that is relevant to them and interact with your company!


Customer Documents Signing Portal

NetSuite App

Allow your customers, vendors and more to be given a link to an agreement form inside of NetSuite that is visually stunning. After all parties sign the agreement, it is attached to the appropriate NetSuite records as a PDF.


Recurring Sales Orders

NetSuite App

Does your business offer Software as a Service (SaaS) or subscription-based products? Recurring Sales Orders allows for the automatic creation of a sales order based upon an end date defined in the original sales order. In addition to automating the sales order process, this customization prevents any interruptions in customer invoicing and revenue recognition.


NetSuite EDI Integration with Transus EDI

NetSuite Integration

With EDI from Transus, you can communicate quickly, reliably and affordably with businesses around the world. It enables NetSuite users to automate EDI transactions with customers, vendors and 3PLs in the cloud.


Koerber NetSuite Integration

NetSuite Integration, SuiteCommerce Integration

This integration pulls shipping rates from Koerber (a 3rd party WMS solution) for more tracking and billing for more accurate shipping rates. Useful for any business on Koerber wanting to connect back to NetSuite!


NetSuite App FAQs

  • What are NetSuite Apps?

    NetSuite Apps are applications or bundles designed to customize the functionality of a company's NetSuite ERP instance. A NetSuite App can be installed as a part of an initial NetSuite Implementation or as a part of a plan for ongoing customization.

  • Are NetSuite Apps different from NetSuite modules?

    Yes, NetSuite modules are software solutions built by NetSuite (often industry-focused) that can be added to a company's basic NetSuite ERP framework as needed. NetSuite Apps are smaller, more specific solutions that can be built by NetSuite or a third-party, which further extend the functionality of a NetSuite instance to meet a company's unique needs.

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