What is SuiteCommerce? And why is it the best NetSuite Ecommerce option?

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If you have NetSuite ERP, you know that there is power in having all your data in a single platform. This page goes through key areas of the SuiteCommerce module to help you understand why it beats Shopify Plus, Magento, and other ecommerce platform options. Since it requires NetSuite ERP, we make the assumption that you are either implementing NetSuite or already have NetSuite as a platform. In our changing world, we have seen a dramatic increase in online sales over the past year. A major shift to online shopping has been occurring for the last decade, but the most recent world events have put more pressure on organizations to change earlier than expected. By the end of this page, we hope that you will be more informed to make an ecommerce decision.

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What is SuiteCommerce? NetSuite Ecommerce.


NetSuite ERP drives the ecommerce experience, which means that having total access to your ERP data is essential to scaling your ecommerce solution. SuiteCommerce is NetSuite's flagship platform that is pre-integrated into the ERP program. This means that companies don't need to pay for an integration between an ecommerce platform and NetSuite. SuiteCommerce comes unified with order and inventory managementCRM, and ERP.​

Since it is built by NetSuite for NetSuite, all the data is accessible so that your ecommerce solution can change as your business changes. You won't hit a roadblock keeping you from optimizing the ecommerce user experience for both B2B and B2C.


Difference Between SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) and SuiteCommerce Standard


If you have already begun learning about SuiteCommerce, then you may have stumbled across two terms... SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) and SuiteCommerce Standard (SC).

It is important to understand the difference between the two options, since one is half the price of the other. Most people think that SuiteCommerce Standard (now just called SuiteCommerce) means that you can't customize the theme or extensions. This is not true. In fact, you can do many of the same customizations.

The primary difference is that SuiteCommerce Advanced has total access to the source code. Heavy customization that changes the architecture of the platform will require SCA.


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SuiteCommerce Advanced vs. Shopify Plus vs. Magento


Many companies look at a variety of web store solutions before deciding which one is best for them. Unfortunately, not all companies actually spend enough time diving into SuiteCommerce Advanced, since they often hear more about Shopify Plus. This is simply because SuiteCommerce Advanced is only available to NetSuite customers, so there is an exclusive pool of people using the solution. SuiteCommerce Advanced is truly the best solution for ecommerce when you have NetSuite ERP. Let's break down all the reasons why and give you more insight into the cons of using Shopify Plus or Magento in connection with NetSuite ERP.

First, remember that your ERP drives the online experience. Without an ERP, you can't manage your ecommerce data effectively. Because of this, you should have all the ERP data at your disposal in order to utilize it when you need to.


SuiteCommerce Implementation and Web Store Migration

Implementation or migration to any new platform requires a level of effort and thus needs to be considered when looking into any ecommerce solution. The cost of a SuiteCommerce implementation varies greatly and also depends on what type of product you are purchasing. We will assume you want more than an activation, and want to get your solution working best for you.

These ranges do vary because different organizations have different requirements when it comes to the look-and-feel as well as the functionality of the product.


These are some general averages for each of these solutions:

  • SuiteCommerce: 80 - 200 hours
  • SuiteCommerce Advanced: 150 - 500 hours
  • SuiteCommerce InStore: 80 - 200 hours
  • SuiteCommerce My Account: 10 - 80 hours

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SuiteCommerce Key Features

Scalable Business SuiteCommerce

Scalable Business

Your business will continue to grow. SuiteCommerce uses dynamic pages that will allow you to quickly add more inventory to your ecommerce website.

SuiteCommerce Customization

Advanced Customization

SuiteCommerce uses themes and extensions, and it allows you to have total control of the code. Build the most complex JavaScript or HTML website with a modular design.

NetSuite Data Access

Total Access to NetSuite Data

SuiteCommerce is built exclusively for NetSuite users, and it pairs seamlessly into the NetSuite ERP system to form one unified platform. It pulls data in real-time from NetSuite.

Access NetSuite Scripts

Access To NetSuite Scripts

Do you have scripts running on your NetSuite data? No problem! SuiteCommerce can handle them too since it is directly tied to the NetSuite. The changes there are real-time for SuiteCommerce.

Customer Login Account

Customer Login & Accounts

SuiteCommerce connects your customers from ecommerce directly into NetSuite. MyAccount in SuiteCommerce can be highly customized for B2B businesses.

Smooth Shopping SuiteCommerce

Smooth Shopping

The single-page application loads all the JavaScript at once, so your user can browse the website faster without having to reload pages. Give your customers better online experiences.

Popular Ecommerce Solution

Popular Solution

The more popular a solution is to customers, the more support options there are available. Plus, companies like Anchor Group make custom extensions for more business solution options.

SEO Friendly Automation

SEO Friendly Automation

There are two key pieces to SEO. Data management of content (title, descriptions, details) and additional SEO customization bundles to get to number 1 on Google.

Tiered Pricing

Tiered Pricing

Pricing depends on the product you decide to purchase (SuiteCommerce Standard, Advanced, MyAccount, or InStore), and on any customizations or 3rd party solutions that you might be interested in purchasing and integrating.

SuiteCommerce FAQs

  • What is SuiteCommerce?

    SuiteCommerce is NetSuite's flagship ecommerce solution that is pre-integrated into ERP so that all the order management, payments, and inventory runs seamlessly together. There are two versions, SuiteCommerce Standard and SuiteCommerce Advanced, which is also called SCA.

  • What is SuiteCommerce Advanced?

    NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced helps you unify ecommerce with your core operational business systems to create the ultimate online experience with engaging web stores that deliver great experiences on any device.

  • Does Anchor Group manage SCA version migrations?

    Yes! We have an expert team of NetSuite Developers that specializes in SuiteCommerce Advanced. We have helped many companies manage their SCA version migrations to ensure that all of their customizations and integrations remained intact!

  • What is SuiteCommerce InStore?

    SuiteCommerce InStore transforms your business' sales process by unifying the physical and digital shopping experience in a single cloud-based commerce platform that is accessible to associates, enabling high-quality customer engagement at all times.

  • What is SuiteCommerce MyAccount?

    MyAccount is designed to give B2B organizations a stepping stone into the NetSuite ecommerce space by giving a self-service portal for customers. There are two types of MyAccount (standard and premium) which puts the licensing price at a range depending on which product you need.


NetSuite SuiteCommerce InStore

SuiteCommerce InStore is designed for retail companies that want to provide a similar B2C experience to in-store associates as they would a traditional ecommerce website. With a full-featured POS, inventory visibility, and mobile responsive solution. Any department store relies on these systems for its retail operations. You can empower your retail employees with upselling suggestions to help increase average orders. When a customer asks an associate if a product is in stock and turns out that it is not, the associate can be informed of similar products that are in stock. This gives a retail associate the ability to convert more sales.


SuiteCommerce MyAccount

MyAccount is designed to give B2B organizations a stepping stone into the NetSuite ecommerce space by giving a self-service portal for customers. It replaces the premium customer center NetSuite previously used as a customer portal. It comes at a price that is less than half the cost of the SuiteCommerce standard solution. There are two types of MyAccount (standard and premium) which puts the licensing price at a range depending on which product you need. This is very customizable, just like SuiteCommerce. It is literally 1 section of the traditional SuiteCommerce product broken out to cater to organizations needing less than what SuiteCommerce is capable of delivering.

A developer can greatly modify the capability of SuiteCommerce MyAccount using both theme and extension changes. Keep in mind that options are nearly unlimited. You could display custom records, have an order form, contact information, marketing details, and other upsell features.

Overall, MyAccount is one of the best ways to get exposed to the power of SuiteCommerce. It is a perfect solution for software, hi-tech, wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing industries, providing a unified experience.   


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