QuickBooks Online to NetSuite Data Migration

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QuickBooks Online to NetSuite Course Topics

netsuite account segment saved search

Master Records

  • Overview of master records
  • Export the account list from QuickBooks
  • NetSuite chart of accounts
  • Import GL accounts to NS
  • Export the class and location list from QuickBooks
  • Import departments, classes, and segments to NetSuite
  • Export the item list from QB
  • Overview of NetSuite item fields, types, and groupings by our very own Alex Burant!
  • Export the vendor and customer lists from QB
  • Cleaning the QuickBooks customer/vendor list
  • Prepare a customer upload file
updating netsuite customer records with saved search and csv uploads

Loading Historical Trial Balances

  • Overview of historical trial balances
  • Adding a custom field to represent the QBO account and class
  • Create the import AP vendor and import AR customer
  • Preparing the JE template from a TB
  • Preparing the opening balance sheet journal entry
  • Preparing the JE template from a transaction list
  • Import the historical financials as journal entries into NetSuite
  • Validating my trial balance uploads
  • What if I need to delete my journal entries?
loading accounts payable transactions

Loading Open Accounts Payable (AP) Transactions

  • Overview of loading open accounts payable transactions
  • Create the open accounts payable suspense account
  • How to run and format a QBO accounts payable aging detail report
  • Preparing open accounts payable import files
  • Loading the open accounts payable transactions into NetSuite
  • Reversing the import accounts payable vendor balance
  • Validating the open accounts payable load
accounts receivable transactions

Loading Open Accounts Receivable (AR) Transactions

  • Overview of loading open AR transactions
  • How to run and format a QuickBooks Online AR aging detail report
  • Create the open AR suspense account and item
  • Preparing the open AR import files
  • Turn off NetSuite auto-generated numbers for AR transaction types
  • Loading the open AR transactions into NetSuite
  • Reversing the import AR customer balance
  • Validating the open AR load

A step-by-step guide for migrating data from QuickBooks Online to NetSuite


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