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Disclaimer: Although many people have found our free tutorial videos to be helpful while studying for various NetSuite Certification exams, our trainings are not designed to be used as test prep materials. Rather, all of our trainings are geared towards helping NetSuite users learn the skills they need in order to get the most out of their NetSuite system. If you are interested in pursuing a NetSuite certification, please visit the official NetSuite Certification Page for more information.

Topics Covered in this Free Beginner Course:

  1. Navigation Tricks
  2. SuiteAnswers | Help
  3. SuiteBundler Installations
  4. Saved Search
  5. CSV Upload
  6. Roles and Permissions
  7. Dashboards
  8. Company Info | General Preferences
  9. Personalize Settings
  10. Enable Features
  11. Entry Forms
  12. Advanced PDF
  13. Email Template
  14. NetSuite Staffing Options
  15. NetSuite Partner Options


Learn NetSuite navigation with this video demo showing basic skills that any new user will have to undertake. Shortcuts (favorites), quick navigation techniques, search methods, and setting up new employee records. Find out how to set up employee access to your NetSuite account. Also, you will get a brief demo of how to use the search bar to get better results.

  • NetSuite Login
  • Toggle Between NetSuite Roles
  • Custom Navigation Tabs
  • Employee Record Introduction
  • Add Access to Employees
  • Search All Fields On A Record
  • Create a Shortcut
  • Quick Jump to Recent Records
  • How to Use NetSuite Search Bar
  • Navigation to Common Tabs and Terminology

NetSuite Tutorial #2

SuiteAnswers | Help



Get NetSuite help with a complete guide to everything available in NetSuite. SuiteAnswers is a highly technical set of documentation, but ultimately, it will give you the answers you need to resolve your NetSuite issues. This lesson gives an introduction to SuiteAnswers and the difference between articles and NetSuite help.

  • Introduction to SuiteAnswers
  • Navigating to SuiteAnswers
  • Difference Between SuiteAnswers & Help
  • Help Topics, Support Articles, Videos, & SuiteWorld Presentations
  • Help Topics: Overviews
  • Support Articles

NetSuite Tutorial #3

SuiteBundler Installations



Learn to search for NetSuite and Third-Party bundles to improve your NetSuite system with limited customizations in this video demo. Installed bundles, searching bundles, installing a bundle, the bundle audit trail, and uninstalling bundles. Understand how to search for, install, and uninstall bundles to save you time and money.

  • How to Search and Install Bundles List
  • How to Search and Install Bundles
  • How to Install a Bundle
  • How to use Bundle Audit Trail
  • Looking up Questions in SuiteAnswers
  • How to Uninstall a Bundle


Learn the basics of saved searches to report on your data and retrieve all the information you need from your system with this video demo. Creating saved searches, IDs, criteria, results, expressions, formulas, and drill down fields. Uncover the power of NetSuite by grasping how to create and manipulate Saved Searches.

  • All Saved Searches
  • New Saved Search
  • Saved Search ID
  • Making the Search Public
  • Criteria Tab
  • Expressions
  • Results Tab
  • Sort Search Results
  • Formulas
  • Drill Down Fields
  • Export Search Results
  • Saved Searches on Dashboards

NetSuite Tutorial #5

CSV Upload



Learn how to easily import your data into NetSuite with this video demo. This video covers knowing the data you need for an import, how to format your Excel file for import, fields in NetSuite, mapping fields, and status and response. Acquire the skills needed to get the data you need into the system you use.

  • Understanding Info You Need to Upload
  • Creating the Excel Sheet
  • Fields to Select in NetSuite
  • Mapping Fields
  • Running Your Import
  • Import Job Status
  • CSV Response

NetSuite Tutorial #6

Roles and Permissions



Learn how to simplify NetSuite for your employees and make sure they only see the information you want them to see with this demo video. Manage roles, customize permissions, give employees roles, manage users, login audit trail, and show role differences. Perfect applying roles with different access levels to the appropriate employees and audit your permissions with ease.

  • Manage Roles Page
  • Example Permissions
  • Customize Permissions
  • Giving Employees Roles
  • Manage Users
  • Login Audit Trail
  • Show Role Differences

NetSuite Tutorial #7




Learn how to use the NetSuite dashboard to get reporting displayed for different NetSuite users. Dashboards allow for your employees to be shown important information to make decisions throughout their day. They can also be used to streamline the internal communications of your company.  ​

  • Dashboard analytics
  • Bank reconciliation 
  • Add calendar and custom portlet to dashboard
  • Custom search & Search Forms
  • KPI Features
  • List on the NetSuite dashboard
  • NetSuite new release on the dashboard
  • Phone call NetSuite dashboard
  • Quick add portlet for NetSuite CRM leads
  • Quick search for NetSuite dashboard instead of NetSuite global search bar
  • How to use the RSS/Atom feed in the NetSuite dashboard
  • Recent records in the dashboard
  • NetSuite reminders in the dashboard
  • Report Snapshots
  • What is SMT links in the NetSuite dashboard?
  • NetSuite shortcuts on the dashboard
  • Tasks to display on the dashboard
  • Trend Graph for decision-makers in the dashboard

NetSuite Tutorial #8

Company Information | General Preferences



Getting your NetSuite company information and general preferences set up is going to be one of the first tasks of your implementation. You may not need to set it up yourself, but you will likely need to make small modifications in the future. Getting exposure to where it is located and what exists in these NetSuite pages will help you adjust your company data when the time comes to make modifications. 

  • Navigate to Company Information
  • How to change the logo in NetSuite ERP?
  • Fiscal Year & Timezone & NetSuite Account ID
  • Company Address & URLs
  • What are restlets in NetSuite?
  • How to use the customer center login in NetSuite
  • NetSuite company general preferences
  • Allow personal preferences to override general preferences

NetSuite Tutorial #9

Set Personalized Preferences



Learn how to set your personal preferences in NetSuite, including the color of the NetSuite theme. You will be able to restrict views to subsidiaries, override company general preferences, and customize NetSuite options that only affect your user account.

  • Why you can't see some tabs and settings in NetSuite
  • Setting the number of rows in a list (i.e items or customers)
  • How to change the timezone in NetSuite when the company is located somewhere else
  • How to change the date and time formatting in NetSuite
  • How to find the internal ID in NetSuite
  • How to change the appearance and colors in NetSuite
  • Set Activity preferences
  • NetSuite alert settings
  • Restrict the view of a subsidiary, location, or class

NetSuite Tutorial #10

Enable Features



Learn about NetSuite features and how to turn on special features. You will also find out about why you should use the enable features with care (i.e. Advanced tax feature). Enabling features in NetSuite is a common practice as your company grows and adapts its NetSuite ERP system. Taking the time to understand each of the features will expose you to the power of NetSuite.

  • Introduction to Enable Features
  • Accounting Tab
  • Tax Implications
  • Items & Inventory
  • CRM Features
  • Analytics Tab

NetSuite Tutorial #11

Entry Forms



Learn how to organize your NetSuite record data to allow for more efficient navigation and data entry. This video teaches you how to add a subtab to a NetSuite record. You will also learn how to manage your fields on the record with a brief introduction to the call to action button customization.

  • What is an entry form, and why you should organize the NetSuite record?
  • Where to customize an entry form?
  • First look of a custom entry form
  • Enable field editing on list checkbox
  • Store form with record checkbox
  • Form is preferred checkbox
  • Use for pop-ups checkbox
  • Introduction to form organization
  • Create a new subtab
  • Sublist organization on an entry form
  • Field grouping on a subtab
  • Move fields within subtab or main content area
  • Call to action buttons and menu
  • Quick view on entry form
  • Custom code on entry form
  • How to apply custom entry form to the record

NetSuite Tutorial #12

Advanced PDF Templates



Learn the fundamentals of Advanced PDFs and how to use and customize them to deliver well-formatted company-specific invoices to clients with this demo video. Template setup, builder tool, assign Advanced PDFs to forms, print and edit, image properties, company name and address, table properties, preview, source fields, page number, add a horizontal line, tables, trying out your template, and editing source code. Discover the flexibility provided by Advanced PDFs to deliver quality material to your clients.

  • Advanced PDF HTML Templates
  • Template Setup
  • Builder Tool Vs. Source Code
  • Assign Advanced PDF to forms for Printing
  • Edit & Print Advanced PDF Templates
  • Image Properties
  • Company Name and Address
  • Table Properties
  • Preview Advanced PDF Template
  • Source Advanced PDF Template Fields
  • Page Number & Horizontal Line
  • Grouping with Tables
  • See How Template Looks on Invoice
  • Edit Source Code

NetSuite Tutorial #13

Email Templates



Learn about Email Templates, how they differ from Advanced PDFs, and how you need to customize them to email professional templates to your clients with this demo video. Create an Email Template, copy your Advanced PDF code, attach your template to the proper form, test your Email Template, and edit your Email Template. Know how Email Templates work and what you need to do to customize them as best fits your needs.

  • Create an Email Template
  • Copy Advanced PDF Code to Edit and Reuse
  • Attach Email Template to Transaction Form
  • Test Email Template on an Invoice
  • Edit Email Template Code

NetSuite Tutorial #14

NetSuite Staffing Options



Finding NetSuite resources to hire permanently can be a challenging task. Watch this video about hiring NetSuite developers and administrators to get ahead of the game. The video discusses which recruitment firms offer better services in the industry. Many of our clients have used recruitment firms, and there are some common ones you should avoid.


NetSuite Tutorial #15

NetSuite Partner Options



Find the right NetSuite partner to implement your NetSuite ERP system is one of the scary steps. You will need to vet them to see if they are a good fit for your business. If you are implementing SuiteCommerce Standard or SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA), you will need to find a partner who specializes in those areas. Many companies are not aware that they can get more affordable implementations using qualified third-party consultants. Going this route may allow for the implementation to be cut in half while getting a faster result. If you are a CFO or in management, then this is a must-see NetSuite video.


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