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Call Caleb

NetSuite Tutorial



Learn NetSuite navigation with this video demo showing basic skills that any new user will have to undertake. Shortcuts (favorites), quick navigation techniques, search methods, and setting up new employee records. Find out how to set up employee access to your NetSuite account. Also, you will get a brief demo of how to use the search bar to get better results.

0:35 - NetSuite Login

1:04 - Toggle Between NetSuite Roles

1:15 - Custom Navigation Tabs

1:30 - Employee Record Rntroduction

2:25 - Add Access to Employees

3:48 - Search All Fields On A Record

4:23 - Create a Shortcut

5:12 - Quick Jump to Recent Records

5:37 - How to Use NetSuite Search Bar

7:16 - Navigation to Common Tabs and Terminology

Navigation Assignment and Lecture Notes

NetSuite Tutorial Overview Assignment

NetSuite Tutorial



Learn to search for NetSuite and Third-Party bundles to improve your NetSuite system with limited customizations in this video demo. Installed bundles, searching bundles, installing a bundle, the bundle audit trail, and uninstalling bundles. Understand how to search for, install, and uninstall bundles to save you time and money.

0:44 – How to Search and Install Bundles List
2:00 – How to Search and Install Bundles
2:58 – How to installing a Bundle
4:09 – How to use Bundle Audit Trail
5:00 – Looking up Questions in SuiteAnswers
6:11 – How to Uninstall a Bundle

SuiteBundler Assignment

NetSuite Tutorial Overview Assignment

NetSuite Tutorial

Saved Search

Learn the basics of saved searches to report on your data and retrieve all the information you need from your system with this video demo. Creating saved searches, IDs, criteria, results, expressions, formulas, and drill down fields. Uncover the power of NetSuite by grasping how to create and manipulate Saved Searches.

0:35 – All Saved Searches
0:57 – New Saved Search
1:46 – Saved Search ID
2:25 – Making the Search Public
2:36 – Criteria Tab
3:27 – Expressions
4:06 – Results Tab
4:51 – Search Results
5:19 – Sort Search Results
5:37 – Formulas
6:56 – Drill Down Fields
8:25 – Export Search Results
8:36 – Saved Searches on Dashboards

Saved Search Assignment

NetSuite Tutorial Overview Assignment

NetSuite Tutorial

CSV Upload


Learn how to easily import your data into NetSuite with this video demo. This video covers knowing the data you need for an import, how to format your Excel file for import, fields in NetSuite, mapping fields, and status and response. Acquire the skills needed to get the data you need into the system you use.
0:31 – Understanding Info You Need to Upload
1:57 – Creating the Excel Sheet
3:16 – Fields to Select in NetSuite
4:35 – Mapping Fields
7:35 – Running Your Import
7:50 – Import Job Status
8:07 – CSV Response

CSV Upload Assignment

NetSuite Tutorial Overview Assignment

NetSuite Tutorial

Roles and Permissions


Learn how to simplify NetSuite for your employees and make sure they only see the information you want them to see with this demo video. Manage roles, customize permissions, give employees roles, manage users, login audit trail, and show role differences. Perfect applying roles with different access levels to the appropriate employees and audit your permissions with ease.

0:08 – Manage Roles Page
0:42 – Example Permissions
2:08 – Customize Permissions
3:08 – Giving Employees Roles
4:16 – Manage Users
4:30 – Login Audit Trail
5:33 – Show Role Differences

Roles and Permissions Assignment

NetSuite Tutorial Overview Assignment

NetSuite Tutorial

Advanced PDF Templates


Learn the fundamentals of Advanced PDFs and how to use and customize them to deliver well formatted company specific invoices to clients with this demo video. Template setup, builder tool, assign Advanced PDFs to forms, print and edit, image properties, company name and address, table properties, preview, source fields, page number, add horizontal line, tables, trying out your template, and editing source code. Discover the flexibility provided by Advanced PDFs to deliver quality material to your clients. 

0:24 – Advanced PDF HTML Templates
1:19 – Template Setup
1:49 – Builder Tool Vs. Source Code
2:45 – Assign Advanced PDF to forms for Printing
4:26 – Print Advanced PDF Templates
5:29 – Edit Advanced PDF Template
6:38 – Image Properties
7:10 – Company Name and Address
8:07 – Table Properties
8:54 – Preview Advanced PDF Template
10:02 – Source Advanced PDF Template Fields
10:41 – Advanced PDF Template Page Number
11:01 – Advanced PDF Template Horizontal Line
11:11 – Grouping with Tables
12:29 – See How Template Looks on Invoice
13:31 – Edit Source Code

Advanced PDF Template Assignment

NetSuite Tutorial Overview Assignment

NetSuite Tutorial

Email Templates

Email Template Assignment

NetSuite Tutorial Overview Assignment

Learn about Email Templates, how they differ from Advanced PDFs, and how you need to customize them to email professional templates to your clients with this demo video. Create an Email Template, copy your Advanced PDF code, attach your template to the proper form, test your Email Template, and edit your Email Template. Know how Email Templates work and what you need to do to customize them as best fits your needs.

1:22 – Create an Email Template
2:11 – Copy Advanced PDF Code to Edit and Reuse
4:29 – Attach Email Template to Transaction Form
5:55 – Test Email Template on an Invoice
8:59 – Edit Email Template Code

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