NetSuite Integration

Connect NetSuite to your Favorite Software Solutions

Our team at Anchor Group builds integrations with NetSuite all the time. In fact, NetSuite is all we do. There are two ways to connect software to NetSuite. One way is to use a connector platform and the other way is to use a developer to build an integration. Both offer really good perks that are worth checking out!

We integrate with a large selection of 3rd party software solutions including lesser known companies that platforms haven't built out integrations for yet. Whether you are looking for a NetSuite integration or a SuiteCommerce integration, we have you covered. Here are some of the common NetSuite integrations.

To date, there hasn't been an integration we haven't been able to successfully complete. If you don't see one that you want in this list ... don't worry... its not an exhaustive list!

Common NetSuite Integrations



NetSuite Integration

If you already use and love Hubspot CRM then you are not alone. Now it's time to get the data in one spot by connecting Hubspot to NetSuite!



NetSuite Integration

If your company is using Magento as an ecommerce platform, then you will need to integrate NetSuite inventory. Or you can take a look at SuiteCommerce, which is already integrated!



NetSuite Integration

If your company is using WooCommerce as an ecommerce platform, then you will need to integrate NetSuite inventory. Or you can take a look at SuiteCommerce, which is already integrated!



NetSuite Integration

Payment processors like Paypal are one of the first pieces you may want to integrate into the NetSuite ERP. You may be using it for ecommerce too.



NetSuite Integration

Connect Insightly CRM to NetSuite to pull all your vital sales information to one place in the ERP!



NetSuite Integration

Boost sales and reach a larger audience with an ebay to NetSuite connection. Integrate with one of the largest online shopping markets!



NetSuite Integration

Selling apparel, appliances, perfume, and other retail items to one of the oldest and most trusted companies. Integrate NetSuite to Sears to push more inventory out the door!



NetSuite Integration

The most popular CRM to integrate into NetSuite is Salesforce! This software has dominated CRM for a long time, and for good reasons. It's time to centralize the data for increased visibility to your organization via a NetSuite integration with Salesforce!



NetSuite Integration

Have data to send to Google that lives in NetSuite? Transfer NetSuite data directly to Google



NetSuite Integration

Connect your Human Resources data into NetSuite with an ADP to NetSuite integration!



NetSuite Integration

Manage your cloud content even more by a Box to NetSuite integration. Get all your data in one place!



NetSuite Integration

You manage your shipping data in easyship, but its time to have increased visibility in combination with other NetSuite data points. Integrate easyship to NetSuite! 



NetSuite Integration

Track your company expenses while keeping your accounting data in one place! NetSuite is an accounting platform, so you need to keep your expense data there too. Integrate Expensify with NetSuite.



NetSuite Integration

Connect LinkedIn data to NetSuite using an integration. Pull the data that is most important to you into NetSuite!



NetSuite Integration

Already selling on Jet or looking to expand to it? Get a great NetSuite integration to and boost sales!



NetSuite Integration

If your company is using BigCommerce as an ecommerce platform, then you will need to integrate NetSuite inventory. Or you can take a look at SuiteCommerce, which is already integrated.



NetSuite Integration

If your company is using Shopify as an ecommerce platform, then you will need to integrate NetSuite inventory. Or you can take a look at SuiteCommerce, which is already integrated!



NetSuite Integration

ShipStation is a shipping software for ecommerce solutions. If you are processing orders that require fulfillment and shipping, then you may want to integrate ShipStation with NetSuite!



NetSuite Integration

Tap into more software solutions that fit your business model best! Sell more products using a NetSuite to Amazon integration. Inventory, orders, and more will be able to sync.



NetSuite Integration

Reach more customers who buy retail products through a NetSuite integration with Overstock!



NetSuite Integration

Project management software like Asana can help keep your team productive and organized, but you might want to keep that data in a single location through a NetSuite integration to Asana!



NetSuite Integration

Azure is a popular project management software highly utilized by software companies across the globe! Flow project management data into NetSuite through a NetSuite integration to Azure.


Google Shoppping

NetSuite Integration

Have data to send to Google shopping that lives in NetSuite? Transfer NetSuite data directly to Google!



NetSuite Integration

NetSuite tax compliance can be made easier with Avalara and a NetSuite integration! 



NetSuite Integration

Automate your Vendor process using a NetSuite integration to DocuSign!



NetSuite Integration

If you are selling retail products like apparel, crafts, gifts, or something similar, you can integrate NetSuite inventory to Etsy and sell more products!



NetSuite Integration

Integrate Facebook to NetSuite for access to reviews, leads, forms, and more!



NetSuite Integration

Helpdesk management made easy. Just integrate gorgias into NetSuite for centralized data!

Looking for a NetSuite Integration that isn't listed?

We haven't met an integration we can't handle!  Let us know what you're looking for.


NetSuite Integration Options

Connector Platform for Custom Integration

Each of the NetSuite integration methods has its pros and cons. We are partnered with many of the most common connector companies and can set up the service for you. But let's go over some of the pros and cons of each of the two methods for NetSuite integrations. 

Using a Connector Service:

There are several options for connector services and some are more expensive than others. You may see ones like Channel Advisor that start at about $40,000 including implementation and the first year of the annual subscription. The pricing model is variable and based on each company size. 


  • Less maintenance liability

  • Platform-based

  • One location for multiple integrations

  • Easier for non-developers to make minor changes

  • Requires fewer hours to implement


  • Require subscription fees

  • Still require technical expertise for non-standard work

  • Becomes more technical as the integration grows

There are definite benefits to have a connector service like Channel Advisor or Celigo. We like both of them which is why we are partners with them!

Having a Custom Integration to NetSuite Built:

Our team at Anchor Group builds custom NetSuite integrations for our partners all the time. Most of them require similar coding processes so we tackle new integration software. Using SOAP calls or API calls via NetSuite RESTlets make integrations very easy for developers. We have seen companies come to us before or after using connector software because they wanted either something more robust that was too difficult to complete in a connector (although not impossible) or to cut down on overhead company costs. Here are some of the pros and cons of building a custom integration to NetSuite.


  • Unlimited customization capability

  • Zero subscription costs

  • Designed just for your business


  • You are responsible for any maintenance

  • Takes a little longer to implement

  • Requires a developer for minor changes

It will be up to you to decide which method is best for you. Both are good options, but you can determine which makes the most sense for your business. You can often get a custom NetSuite integration for about $10,000. This obviously depends on some other factors, but there are possible subscription savings over the long run when using this method.


NetSuite Integration: What Next?

You will need a NetSuite Consultant to help get your connector setup or a NetSuite Developer to build a custom integration. Both of these are services we provide.

We guarantee a lower implementation price to set up an integrator platform. We also make the highest quality custom NetSuite integrations that don't have subscription fees associated with them.

Get help determining which option is best for you. There are a couple of factors that push the decision one way or the other.  Contact the Anchor Group team to set up a discovery call!


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