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NetSuite SOX Compliance, Change Mgmt, and Account Configuration Mgmt Tools

Whether you're a startup or a Fortune 500 company, your NetSuite instance should be built to scale. As you keep growing and your needs continue to change, you’ll need more customization and more tools to manage that complexity.

That’s where Strongpoint comes in. Strongpoint provides comprehensive documentation of your NetSuite instance — and a suite of powerful tools to work with it. Anchor Group customers use Strongpoint to prep for SOX compliance, build audit-ready change controls, investigate the impact of potential changes, compare production and sandbox environments, and troubleshoot when something goes wrong.


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Product Spotlight: Flashlight for NetSuite

Flashlight automatically does what would be expensive and time-consuming to do manually. It's the best entry point to our enterprise-level products and, best of all, it's free!

  • Flashlight - day to day account management
  • Documentation & Optimization
  • Intelligent Change Management
  • ITGC reporting
  • Formal change management
  • Enterprise Compliance
  • Advanced segregation of duties
  • Master data and financial controls
  • Multi-platform environment comparison
  • Audit-ready reporting for SOX, FDA, and other standards

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Change Management for NetSuite

Free up internal expertise and expedite development activity using risk-based change management tools.

  • Apply impact analysis to proposed changes and route for review based on risk 
  • Pre-clear safe changes automatically based on customizable, risk-based approval rules
  • Track requests, reviews and approvals inside NetSuite — and collect everything in immutable change logs 
  • Compare environments for pre- and post-deployment validation, troubleshooting and testing 
  • Integrate seamlessly with Jira and ServiceNow

Configuration Management for NetSuite

Manage complex, heavily customized NetSuite accounts with less stress and greater certainty.

  • Instantly see all dependencies on a customization — and know what’s safe to change
  • Identify technical debt and run cleanup projects for a more streamlined account
  • Use impact reporting and change logs to troubleshoot issues when they arise
  • Monitor script health and usage

SOX Compliance for NetSuite

Reduce the cost of SOX compliance in NetSuite by up to 90% by automating the most difficult parts of audit prep.

  • Out-of-the-box segregation of duties rules, and instant feedback on risky role and permission assignments 
  • Automatic reconciliation of change requests/approvals and system notes/deployed changes in your account
  • Detective controls that protect master/financial data — and log it in an auditor-friendly record
  • “Closed loop” change management that makes passing an audit as easy as printing out three reports
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