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There are many reasons a company may wish to hire a contract CFO. Perhaps your existing CFO is on an extended medical leave or a sabbatical. Maybe your company's CFO position is vacant, and you're looking for temporary help until you find the right person to officially take on the role. Whatever the situation is, contract CFOs are a great way to keep your finance operations running smoothly when short-term crises require quick solutions.


Needing Help in the Finance Department?

A contract CFO can help maintain and enhance your business' model for finance operations. There's a lot of value in having a fresh set of eyes to help you review your financial health and processes! With a contract CFO, you have access to a resource who can help you conduct strategic analysis and offer the appropriate financial support based on what they find. By working with a contract CFO, your business can take steps to improve performance through sophisticated financial strategies that are based on your business and growth stage!


What Type of Support Can I Expect to Receive?

Really, just about anything and everything you'd expect from a typical CFO... besides maybe being your Saturday golfing buddy.

  • Financial Reporting - Gain new insights into performance through custom financial reports based on KPIs that matter. Use internal financial controls to inspect profitability, and discover opportunities for improvement related to pricing and cost optimization.
  • Cash Flow Management - Streamline A/R and A/P to effectively track cash flow across your business and discover actionable cost savings. Accelerate growth through efficient financial strategies, models, and budgets that optimize cash flow & improve profitability.
  • Accurate Budgets and Forecasts - Avoid costly pitfalls by establishing a growth-oriented financial infrastructure. Chart your company’s course with accurate forecasts and budgets related to revenue, COGS, employee expenses, operating expenses, and more.

Managed Service Plans

With our Managed Service Plans, you can combine contract CFO services along with NetSuite and SuiteCommerce support as a part of a 12-month service schedule. Leverage the combined knowledge and skill set of our 20+ Certified NetSuite Consultants and Developers for a fraction of the cost! With competitive tiered hourly rates, our Managed Service plans are built to help make the most of your budget.


Anchor Group is an expert crew of NetSuite and SuiteCommerce professionals

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NetSuite Consultants

If you are considering a new ERP Implementation or simply an update of your existing system, our crew has you covered. Check it out!

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Using SuiteCommerce to fully optimize your NetSuite platform? Count on experts that build and customize SuiteCommerce websites every day!

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NetSuite Developers

Our team of developers provides quality and efficient work so that your budget doesn't get strained as you push a project past the finish line!


What about Accounting?

Finance and Accounting go hand-in-hand. By taking advantage of our NetSuite Accounting Services, you can be one step closer to getting those back-office operations running smoothly!

Oracle NetSuite Commerce Alliance Partner

Official Oracle NetSuite Partner

You may have seen that there are many NetSuite partners, but the real question is how to find a SuiteCommerce NetSuite partner? Most NetSuite partners don't have an in-house team that is specialized in SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced like Anchor Group does. 

As a Certified Oracle NetSuite Alliance and Commerce partner, Anchor Group is highly qualified to be your one-stop-show for all things NetSuite!


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