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Our team of certified NetSuite consultants is ready to complete your most technically challenging ERP projects. You'll have access to more than just a NetSuite ERP consultant through, as our team is also specialized in implementing and customizing NetSuite's flagship ecommerce product, SuiteCommerce Advanced! So, whether you are looking into modules to add to your licensing or need custom automation based on your unique business processes, our consultants are here to help!

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NetSuite Consultants & Developers

Our team of NetSuite Consultants can provide professional services to expertly handle jobs of any size. The Functional Consultant knows how to leverage all of the powerful native features of NetSuite while the Developer will step in when your NetSuite processes need to be customized using scripts. If you are considering a new ERP Implementation or simply an update of your existing system, our team has you covered for all NetSuite software solutions.

Your Trusted NetSuite Partner


Affordable NetSuite Partner

Anchor Group is a Certified NetSuite Partner. Our team is based out of Wisconsin, providing software services to the entire United States. Not only does Anchor Group accomplish highly technical NetSuite development projects, but it also implements NetSuite's flagship module, SuiteCommerce Advanced.

We pride ourselves on being highly responsive to our customers. In fact, you can expect to get the cell number of one of our consultants, so you can call us at any time!


Looking for NetSuite Training?

Look no further! Our team of NetSuite Consultants offers a variety of training options to help you learn how to capitalize on your NetSuite skills.

NetSuite Consultant FAQs

  • What is a NetSuite Consultant?

    While a NetSuite developer does more of the behind-the-scenes work of building code customizations etc., a NetSuite consultant brings functional expertise to the table. Developers and consultants work closely with each other, and many individuals act as both a NetSuite developer and a consultant. However, it is helpful to think of the consultant role separately in order to better understand the value of a high-performing NetSuite consultant.

  • What does a NetSuite Consultant do?

    A NetSuite Consultant helps key business decision-makers better understand the features and capabilities available to them in NetSuite. NetSuite Consultants provides recommendations on the NetSuite Modules that a business might need, and can also offer guidance on how NetSuite can be further customized to meet particular business needs through NetSuite Apps, extensions, and integrations.

  • How much does it cost to hire a NetSuite Consultant?

    Hiring outside NetSuite consultants for a project can be a cost-saving alternative to hiring a full-time NetSuite consultant in-house. NetSuite consulting firms can bring the expertise of a whole team into your projects (technical consultants, functional consultants, developers, etc.), and charge an hourly rate for their services that can vary based on the nature and size of a project. Independent NetSuite consultants tend to charge a lower hourly rate than firms, but lack the benefits associated with a team and can bring higher indirect costs into a project over time.


NetSuite Consultant Qualities

Why chose Anchor Group NetSuite Consultants and Developers? Here are just a few of the ways that we excel in the NetSuite Community as a top NetSuite Partner:

Build Strong RelationshipsA good NetSuite consultant builds strong and long-lasting relationships with their customers. We pride ourselves on building that kind of relationship and being present to our customers any time they need us. If you choose us as your NetSuite Implementation partner, you can expect to receive our personal cell number. In the meantime, you can visit our contact page to get a conversation started! 

Value Your Investments - A good NetSuite consultant will ensure that your company capitalizes on your NetSuite investment. We want to give you the best value possible. If a package is too pricy, our NetSuite consultants can work with you to whittle it down to the essentials and find inexpensive ways to add features through customizations.

Heart of a Teacher - A good NetSuite consultant provides training for their customers' employees who will be working with the system on a regular basis. We pride ourselves on having the heart of a teacher, and we believe that this is something that sets us apart among NetSuite Partners. In fact, we think training your team is so important that we provide a variety of options for NetSuite Training, including a free NetSuite beginner course.

Understand your Business - A good NetSuite consultant will analyze your business processes and build strategies to accomplish the same with NetSuite ERP. We want to learn about your business goals and help you achieve them through NetSuite. If you want to learn more about how we handle this in the NetSuite implementation process, as well as other NetSuite projects, visit our NetSuite Implementation page.

Work towards Innovation - A good NetSuite consultant helps your company avoid unnecessary customizations and works to create new solutions that ease your company's pain points. Here at Anchor Group, we build many custom NetSuite Apps to meet customer needs and cut down overall project costs.

Free NetSuite Ecommerce Book

We'd like to gift you a FREE* NetSuite Ecommerce book!

*We even pay for shipping. So, seriously, no hassle. Just A LOT of free! Here at Anchor Group, we pride ourselves on having the heart of a teacher... this is just one of the many ways that we follow through on that value.


Customization Ideas for Your Business

Check out what makes Anchor Group your one-stop shop for all things NetSuite, including SuiteCommerce. Our team of NetSuite consultants and developers have built a number of customer solutions that extend the capabilities of NetSuite!


Engagement Models

Our team of NetSuite Consultants and Developers is flexible and has several common engagement models for our customers. If one of these models does not work for you, then reach out and tell us about your preference!


Hourly Ad Hoc Projects

Pay by the Hour - No Commitments

Get billed on an hourly basis for consulting hours with no commitment required by you to continue a project. This is great for people who want to slowly build a relationship of trust by working a few hours at a time. This plan can flow directly into milestone pricing for consulting hours which is listed below.


Managed Services

Buy bulk hours and use them before they expire

Buy consulting hours in bulk and use them up before the agreement end date. This is ideal for companies needing large projects or continuous support for a long duration. This plan can be structured as a payment plan for large projects. For example, you may have a 300-hour project that you need to finish in 2 months, but want to make payments for 6 months to spread the investment expenditure. Hours simply need to be used by the end of the contract period which is typically 6-12 months. You can also utilize this plan to get x amount of consulting hours per month spread over the entire contract period.

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