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AT ANCHOR GROUP, we strive to be the gold standard in NetSuite and SuiteCommerce consulting. We invest in virtuous employees and then work tirelessly to form them in technical mastery, servant leadership, conscious responsibility, and a focus on the family. In doing so, we are able to deliver sound counsel, sustainable solutions, and a world-class customer experience. We have built a culture-first, people-first work environment where the ideal candidate for us has to be someone who is bought into our core values and identity as a company and brings a certain level of grit, determination, and leadership to their work. Ideally, the candidate would have the appropriate skillset(s) to perform their work but we are also prepared to train in house through Anchor Group University and bring people up to speed to be able to perform their work at the highest level.

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Think of NetSuite as a really powerful brain. This brain is something businesses run off of for all facets of their organization: operations, customer management, sales, marketing, e-commerce, data management, human resources, accounting, project management, website management, supply chain, and other functions. NetSuite can be customized internally to align with a specific business and it can also connect to external software through API's and Integrations. What this provides a customer is the ability to have vital information at their fingertips to run their business. Our typical customer is a business 10M-1B in annual revenue and is typically in North America.

AS ERP (ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING) CONSULTANTS we work to help businesses utilize NetSuite to its fullest potential to solve their resource planning needs. We do so through consulting, solution design, project management, software coding and development, and implementation.

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Employee Benefits

  • Skill/Performance Based Pay-Skills Matrix
  • Profit/Performance Bonus Structure
  • QSAHRA Health Reimbursement
  • Family ($10,700 Annual | $891/mo.)
  • Single ($5300 Annual | $441/mo.)
  • Simple IRA: 3% Match
  • Group Life
  • Group Long Term Disability
  • Holiday Pay & PTO
  • Aflac Supplemental Plans: At Employees Expense
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