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There are a wide variety of business management solutions available through NetSuite, and you can explore them all by scrolling through this page. To jump straight to a particular area of interest, simply select from the following list:


NetSuite CRM Modules

two men shaking hands customer relationship managementnet

NetSuite CRM

Enable your business to manage the complete customer lifecycle and adapt to customer needs using a single platform that is seamlessly integrated with your NetSuite ERP and ecommerce investments.

two business women signing a contract renewal

NetSuite Contract Renewals

Enable your business to manage the complete customer lifecycle and adapt to customer needs using a single platform that is seamlessly integrated with your NetSuite ERP and ecommerce investments.

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NetSuite Bronto Marketing Platform


NetSuite recently discontinued its Bronto Marketing platform. But don't worry! There are many other marketing platforms available that you can connect to NetSuite.

salesman on computer using netsuite

NetSuite Incentive Compensation

NetSuite Incentive Management helps businesses design sales commission plans, monitor salesperson progress, and pay earned commissions. 

two business people man looking at netsuite configure price and quote on computer

NetSuite CPQ

The NetSuite Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) add-on module enables businesses to configure products and services, price orders, and generate quotes. 


NetSuite Financial Management

man writing on financial papers

NetSuite Advanced Financials

Improve productivity and increase visibility to your financial operations through the creation of flexible billing schedules and the ability to monitor budgets versus actual spending in real-time.

computer running financial program

NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management

Enables you to give an updated expected revenue picture for future periods at any time, and helps your business streamline, automate and comply with industry guidance and mandates related to revenue management.

netsuite ap automation reduce printed papers

NetSuite AP Automation

NetSuite AP Automation provides businesses with a secure way to process invoices and make payments faster and more efficiently. 

person using calculator

NetSuite Dunning Letters

NetSuite Dunning Letters simplifies the communications process, sending payment reminders automatically at specified intervals based on account balance, invoice amount, or other criteria. 

person withdrawing money from bank account

NetSuite Electronic Bank Payments

Securely automate Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments and collections, manage customer payments and refunds, & prevent check fraud with a single global payment management solution.

person using netsuite fixed asset management program on computer

NetSuite Fixed Asset Management

Eliminate the need for complicated spreadsheets and manual effort by automating the management of your fixed assets from acquisition to retirement in a single integrated solution.

person using multi-book accounting program on computer

NetSuite Multi-Book Accounting

Simplify accounting tasks with the ability to concurrently report financial results based on multiple accounting standards for different industries and countries.

business people working on computer with netsuite oneworld module

NetSuite OneWorld

Easily manage multiple business units or legal entities, and streamline subsidiary operations with location-specific capabilities that enable you to meet compliance and reporting obligations with a single global business management solution.

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NetSuite Planning and Budgeting

Meet your organization-wide business planning needs by making use of integrated planning, budgeting and forecasting complete with dashboards for quick visibility.

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NetSuite SuiteBilling

More easily and effectively manage invoices with the use of streamlined billing processes, the ability to support multiple pricing models, and real-time visibility into billing and financial activity.


NetSuite Ecommerce Modules

netsuite connector black electrical connections on white background

NetSuite Connector

The NetSuite Connector module allows businesses to establish data mapping between NetSuite and your ecommerce webstore, online marketplaces, point-of-sale (POS) systems, and third-party logistics providers.

computer with netsuite suitecommerce website

NetSuite SuiteCommerce

Give your company the freedom to grow as you evolve your online business with this multi-tenant SaaS ecommerce solution that enables you to deliver unique and engaging online experiences.

computer with suitecommerce advanced website open

NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced

Unify ecommerce with your core operational business systems to create the ultimate online experience with engaging web stores that deliver great experiences on any device.

ipad with suitecommerce website open in store

NetSuite SuiteCommerce InStore

Transform your business' sales process by unifying the physical and digital shopping experience in a single cloud-based commerce platform accessible to associates, enabling high-quality omnichannel customer engagement.


NetSuite Inventory & Order Management

fashion retail store using netsuite advanced inventory management

NetSuite Advanced Inventory

NetSuite Advanced Inventory provides a broad array of capabilities to optimize inventory levels and availability, and allows you to track and report performance in real-time through dashboards and analytics.

team working on order computers with netsuite order management

NetSuite Advanced Order Management

An omnichannel order allocation orchestration for businesses that helps you deliver the perfect order efficiently and profitably by automating order processing and execution, and fulfilling orders based on global inventory and business rules.

man on computer using netsuite manufacturing execution

NetSuite Manufacturing Execution

Enable a paperless environment in your business while allowing the benefits and features of NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing to be easily accessible and available to your team at any time.

man using netsuite order management on computer

NetSuite Order Management

A flexible order fulfillment solution for businesses that enables you to keep costs low and profitably scale your business as you work to meet customer needs for omnichannel fulfillment.

netsuite production scheduling module

NetSuite Production Scheduling

Create a realistic schedule and deliver the right product, on time, and at the best cost through this solution that provides you with enough complexity to achieve the results you need without sacrificing usability in the process.

netsuite ship central module wms mobile app

NetSuite Ship Central

NetSuite Ship Central is a mobile application that will help organizations optimize operations, eliminate manual processes, and accelerate customer deliveries by providing end-to-end capabilities for picking, packing, and shipping products.


NetSuite Supply Chain Modules

netsu advanced manufacturing module

NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing

A single integrated cloud solution that delivers one complete version of the truth, helping you reduce operating costs, increase revenue, and better manage business and supply chain processes.

netsuiet demand planning module

NetSuite Demand Planning

A powerful, innovative tool that helps your business manage inventory more efficiently, reducing lead times and surplus inventory through predictions of required inventory based on historical demand and sales forecasts.

netsuite procurement module

NetSuite Procurement

Enable your company to buy goods and services at the best cost and in a timely manner by effectively managing your vendor relationships, overseeing source-to-pay processes, and controlling spending.

netsuite quality management

NetSuite Quality Management

Enables your business to deliver high-quality products with minimal overhead costs through inspecting & testing products, reporting problems, reworking solutions, and rules for easy pass/fail quality inspection.

netsuite eork in progress wip and routings module

NetSuite WIP and Routings

Gain greater control over resources and costs by allowing your business to define routing for the manufacturing process and the resources, estimated time, and cost required to complete the project, creating a complete picture of estimations before projects are put into action.

NetSuite WMS warehouse management system module

NetSuite WMS

Better manage inventory and optimize warehouse operations by enabling greater warehouse and labor productivity, using industry best practices to increase efficiency and minimize handling costs.

netsuite work orders and assemblies module

NetSuite Work Orders and Assemblies

Supports your business' manufacturing operations by allowing users to easily define assembly items, build multi-level bill of materials, create work orders, record assembly builds, and back flush components all in one unified platform.


NetSuite Data & Analytics Management

man using netsuite module on computer

NetSuite Data Center

Provide your businesses with enterprise-class data management, security, performance and availability through datacenters that leverage cloud infrastructure designed around redundancy to provide disaster recovery and failover capabilities.

office using netsuite product data management

NetSuite Product Data Management

Save time and accelerate product development with ERP system integration that makes product engineering information available company-wide on a self-service basis.

man using analytics program on ipad

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics

Easily access accurate and up-to-date data analytics to help you recognize, identify, and visualize patterns and opportunities, gaining actionable insights to drive your business decisions and accelerate business outcomes.


NetSuite Human Capital Management

two woman working on hr management

NetSuite SuitePeople HR

Fully integrated with NetSuite, this module is an HR system that drives efficiency by eliminating time-consuming manual processes, enabling more efficient HR and workforce management that keeps people at the center.

man using laptop to make a payment

NetSuite SuitePeople Payroll

A fast, accurate, full-service payroll solution for paying employees and contractors in the United States that is fully integrated with NetSuite for simpler, streamlined payroll processing.

netsuite performance management module

NetSuite SuitePeople Performance Management

The NetSuite SuitePeople Performance Management Add-on Module enables companies to improve workforce performance on a daily basis. 


NetSuite PSA Modules

netsuite openair module

NetSuite OpenAir

Manage your projects and resources better than before by gaining comprehensive visibility into financials and service operations in a unified system, making informed strategic decisions through the use of business metrics.

netsuite suiteprojects module

NetSuite SuiteProjects

NetSuite SuiteProjects is a Professional Services Automation module built natively on top of NetSuite and provides businesses with services-specific features and capabilities, including project-based reporting and resource designation.

man on computer using netsuite project management module

NetSuite Project Management

Manage your projects more effectively by utilizing the fully redone Gantt Chart, have greater visibility into KPIs through the project dashboard, and stay informed wherever you are with the mobile app.


Industry-Specific NetSuite Solutions

netsuite solutions for ad tech companies

NetSuite for Ad Tech Companies

See how NetSuite can help your ad tech company, and learn which modules may be most useful to you.

netsuite solutions for advertising and marketing agencies

NetSuite for Advertising & Marketing Agencies

See how NetSuite can help your advertising or digital marketing agency, and learn which modules may be most useful to you.

netsuite solutions for manufacturing companies

NetSuite for Manufacturers

See how NetSuite can help manufacturers, and learn which modules may be the most useful.

netsuite solutions for media companies

NetSuite for Media Companies

See how NetSuite can help your media company, and learn which modules may be most useful to you.

netsuitesolutions for non profit organizations

NetSuite for Nonprofit Organizations

See how NetSuite can help your nonprofit organization, and learn which modules may be most useful to you.

netsuite solutions for retail companies

NetSuite for Retail Companies

See how NetSuite can help with retail, and learn which modules may be most useful.

netsuite solutions for wholesale and distribution companies

NetSuite for Wholesale Distributors

See how NetSuite can help wholesale distributors, and learn which modules may be most useful.

oracle netsuite social impact for nonprofit organizations

Oracle NetSuite Social Impact for Nonprofits

This program provides qualifying nonprofits and social enterprises with the tools they need to increase the success of their mission with a software donation and pro bono service.

netsuite solutions for educational institutions

NetSuite for Educational Institutions

NetSuite offers tangible benefits, such as improving financial transparency, automating workflow processes and productivity, and evaluating income-generating opportunities across your entire institution.

netsuite solutions for food and beverage companies

NetSuite for Food & Beverage Companies

Just like other businesses, food and beverage companies need to keep administrative operations up to date in order to consistently provide high-quality products and services.

netsuite solutions for construction companies

NetSuite for Construction

More than 300 construction companies are already using ERP software to help them build more innovative businesses. NetSuite ERP enables improved project management and more effective control over work orders.

netsuite solutions for software companies

NetSuite for Software, Service, & IT Companies

The key to unlocking and managing growth is a back-office system that can meet today's challenges, and this is why high-tech companies choose NetSuite.

NetSuite Module FAQs

  • What are NetSuite add on modules?

    NetSuite modules are packages of NetSuite software that bring unique features and capabilities into your NetSuite instance. The core NetSuite platform is made up of the most commonly needed modules. NetSuite add-on modules are not needed by every business, but they can be added to your annual NetSuite licensing as your business needs require you to bring greater functionality to your core NetSuite platform.

  • Does Anchor Group implement NetSuite modules?

    Yes! Anchor Group provides implementation services for NetSuite modules. Contact us to learn more about our NetSuite module implementation services!

  • What is a good alternative to NetSuite Bronto?

    The NetSuite Bronto Marketing Platform has been discontinued. Explore using Mailchimp as an alternative marketing platform that can be integrated to NetSuite!

  • Does NetSuite have an HR module?

    Yes! NetSuite has a few modules related to HR management, including NetSuite SuitePeople HR, NetSuite SuitePeople Payroll, and NetSuite SuitePeople Performance Management.


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