What is BigCommerce?

Beautiful Web Presence. Powerful Ecommerce Functionality.


BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform solution popular among B2B and B2C businesses alike! BigCommerce offers beautiful themes that can be customized to match your company's branding. The wide variety of native features, plus the extensibility of the platform through BigCommerce apps, third party integrations, and customizations, means you can scale the functionality of your ecommerce web store alongside your business as you grow!

bigcommerce demo storefront

BigCommerce Storefront

The Storefront is what customers will see when they visit the merchant’s website. The theme, content, and products that appear in the storefront are managed on the backend (server side).  

bigcommerce demo server side

BigCommerce Backend

The backend (server side) of the BigCommerce CMS is well-organized, and easy to navigate. This is where merchants manage specific details about products, content on web pages, orders, records, etc.  

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Looking for a BigCommerce partner to help implement or customize your BigCommerce web store?

BigCommerce CMS  

A Content Management System (CMS) is an application used to build and manage a website; more specifically, an ecommerce store. There are two types of CMS:

what is bigcommerce cms

Open-source CMS 

  • Merchants have full control of their CMS function and development. This requires the site administrator to stay up to date on the latest updates for new and existing programs.  


  • A subscription fee for access to content management systems (data storage, updates, etc.). There are pre-built, also called native, functions that businesses can use without needing to have them developed.   

BigCommerce CMS falls into the SaaS category. This means when a business signs up for BigCommerce they automatically gain access to a suite of BigCommerce tools and features that are critical for a CMS to function well. This includes theme development, page builders, inventory management, etc. Going with a SaaS CMS benefits merchants who don’t have a team of developers to manage their website and aren’t planning on periodically hiring developers to make necessary updates. BigCommerce manages all the standard features so they’re continually up-to-date. Businesses that use BigCommerce can rest assured they have access to the most up-to-date CMS.


BigCommerce Features

BigCommerce features best-in-class elements for B2B and B2C ecommerce merchants. Listed below are some BigCommerce feature highlights.


Merchandising/ Marketing

  • Storefront Design Tools

  •   Product Visualization

  • Recommendations & Personalization

  • Promotions and Discounts

  • Shopping Cart Abandonment

  • Product Reviews

  • SEO


Product Catalog/ Shopping

  • Content Management

  •  Product Configuration

  • Product Search and Filtering

  • Sell intangible products

  • Single Page Checkout

  • Tax Display and Processing

  • Returns/Refunds


Multi-Channel Support

  • Mobile Optimization

  • Shipping Options

  • Inventory Count

  • Multichannel Fulfillment

  • Store Locator

  • NetSuite ERP Integration

  • B2B Features


Platform and Reporting

  • Fully customizable web storefront

  • APIs and Pre-built 3rd-party Integrations

  • User Management and Customer Self-service

  • Admin-controlled editing rights

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Data Transfer Tools


BigCommerce Subscriptions 

BigCommerce pricing is simple, transparent, and flexible. There are two categories for plans: Central plans, and Enterprise plans. Central plans are based on the merchant’s online revenue (GMV); whereas Enterprise plans are based on the merchant’s average order value.  


BigCommerce Central Plans  

The plans are based on your merchant’s online revenue (GMV). As your company’s revenue increases the plan will change to a higher price and include more BigCommerce benefits and features.  


Standard Plan 


The BigCommerce Standard plan is for businesses that are just starting or make under $50,000 GMV annually. This plan includes many of BigCommerce's native features including unlimited staff accountants, single-page checkout, multi-currency, real-time shipping quotes, and unlimited bandwidth.


Plus Plan


The BigCommerce Plus Plan is built for merchants that make between $50,000-$180,000 GMV annually. This plan includes native features like abandoned cart saver, customer group and segmentation, and Credit Card Vaulting + Fast Repeat Purchases.


    Pro Plan


    The BigCommerce Pro Plan is built for merchants that make between $180,000-$400,000 GMV annually. This plan includes custom product filtering, Google customer reviews, and custom SSL.

    • *The BigCommerce Pro Plan monthly cost increases by $150 for every additional $200,000 the merchant generates in online revenue.


    BigCommerce Enterprise Plans 

    Starting at $1,200/month

    BigCommerce Enterprise plans are for merchants that have $500,000 or more in annual revenue. Plan pricing is set up on an orders-based model that takes into account the average order value which is different than the BigCommerce Central Plan pricing.

    This plan includes BigCommerce’s native features, all Pro features +, custom product filtering, unlimited API Calls, ShipperHQ, Price Lists, Sandbox Store development, and more! Popular additions, like B2B edition and B2B ninja, are available for the enterprise plans.


    BigCommerce plans are NOT based on...

    🚫 total web traffic 

    🚫 transaction fees 

    🚫 bandwidth overages 

    🚫 catalog size 


    Your Trusted BigCommerce Partner

    Anchor Group is recognized as a Certified BigCommerce Partner. What sets us apart in the consulting industry is our desire to serve our clients with the heart of a teacher!


    Our BigCommerce Services

    bigcommerce netsuite integration

    BigCommerce NetSuite Integration

    By integrating BigCommerce to NetSuite, you get a beautiful ecommerce platform powered by a single source of data truth in NetSuite that supports all your business operations.

    bigcommerce implementation and customization

    BigCommerce Implementation and Customization

    We’ll get your BigCommerce site up and running, helping you achieve a beautiful web presence with powerful ecommerce functionality! After your site is up and running, our team can help you maintain and customize your website!

    full netsuite erp implementations

    Full NetSuite ERP Implementations

    We are ready to implement NetSuite ERP to power your BigCommerce site! NetSuite unifies core business processes including CRM, ecommerce, HR, inventory, manufacturing, and more via a single interface.


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