Full List of BigCommerce Features

Our team has compiled this full list of BigCommerce Features to help companies better understand the capabilities of BigCommerce as they evaluate it as a potential e-commerce platform for their business. We have made an effort to be as thorough as possible and will continue to update the list as new BigCommerce features are released. If you believe we have missed a feature in this list, please let us know, so we can add it!

Note: Not all features listed below are available with every BigCommerce plan. BigCommerce offers teired pricing plans, with more features added with each tier level.

Website Management

Core Commerce Features

BigCommerce has core functionality that sets up merchants for scalable success. These features are fundamental for most e-commerce businesses.

  • Scalable catalog 
  • Orders 
  • Returns 
  • Refunds 
  • Shipping 
  • Tax 
  • Multi-currency 
  • Reporting & Analytics 
  • SSO 
  • Staging Environment   
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Storefront Design

BigCommerce storefronts can be basic or complex. The open SaaS model lets merchants design the store to best fit their needs. Simple stores can be built with themes already built for BigCommerce. In other cases, merchants can partner with developers to design a storefront from scratch using the BigCommerce Headless approach.

  • Fully customizable web storefront
  • Online store builder tools
  • Page builder visual editor (WYSIWYG editor)
  • Drag-and-drop layout customization
  • Edit HTML and CSS
  • 100+ pre-built professional store design templates
  • W3C/XHTML compliant templates
  • Template comparison tool
  • Template management
  • Theme customization
  • Logo editor
  • Mobile optimization
  • Real-time editing
  • Staging environment
  • Preview before publishing capabilities

Site Navigation

  • Multi-level category fly-out menus
  • Customized product breadcrumb display
  • Page dropdown / Pop-out menus

Content Management

  • Unlimited products, file storage, and bandwidth
  • Photo Manager to organize photos
  • Upload dozens of images at once
  • Tagging
  • Full CMS functionality
  • NetSuite ERP integration available

Data Management

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Product Configuration, Options, & Bundling

  • Sell physical, digital, or intangible products
  • Unlimited product options per available field type
  • Product bundles with item-level automation/rules
  • Rules to adjust price weight, photo, and stock
  • Assign options to multiple products
  • Add, subtract, or set a fixed price for each option
  • Image, stock on hand, low stock level for product options
  • Filter options for quick updating
  • Bulk update product options
  • Make selection of specific options mandatory
  • Reorder function that preserves product options
  • Options displayed with order or invoice
  • Create and assign brands/manufacturers
  • Per-product or per-option SKUs
  • Customize the name displayed for the date field
  • Set the number of tickets available for purchase
  • Kitting capabilities


  • Contact form
  • Customer management
  • Customer address book
  • Flexible customer groups & segmentation
  • Create unlimited customer groups
  • Assign a default group for new customers
  • Move customers between groups
  • Filter customers by group
  • Customer accounts
  • Customer self-service
  • Enter new customer details one-by-one

Import/Export Options

  • Data transfer tools, flexible data import/export
  • CSV customer import/export
  • Bulk export/re-import of thousands of items
  • Import products, images, options
  • Review all imported products
  • Export products to CSV
  • Export in custom formats
  • Export orders by delivery/event date
  • Export customers by group

Reporting / Analytics

  • Activity Dashboard
  • 25+ performance reports
  • Customizable lists, orders/products/customers per page
  • Customer touchpoints reporting
  • Daily conversion rate
  • Top 20 customers report
  • Best-selling products report
  • Filter orders by delivery/event date/item sold/revenue report
  • Sales tax report by date
  • Popular products report
  • Inventory count reports
  • Customers by date
  • Revenue per customer
  • Search query reporting
  • Search keywords with/without results
  • Best/worst performing keywords
  • Search term corrections
  • Advanced order/product search
  • Search and export results (admin)
  • Search customers by name, email, etc.


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Advanced marketing functionality

  • Affiliate tracking system
  • Loyalty program functionality
  • Multichannel marketing tools
  • Share products on 20+ social media sites
  • Recommendations/personalization
  • Product ratings, reviews, and comments

Email Marketing

  • CSV newsletter subscriber export
  • Newsletter subscription management
  • Email management
  • Edit email templates from the control panel


  • Promotional banners
  • Free shipping coupon code
  • Limit coupon usage by location, shipping method, or customer
  • Trackable coupon codes
  • Coupon expiry date
  • Show free shipping eligibility throughout the store
  • Discount rules system
  • Fallback discount level
  • Category-level discounts
  • Product-level discounts
  • Storewide group discounts
  • Per-group discounts
  • Edit gift certificates in the WYSIWYG editor
  • Online certificate usage
  • Bulk discounts per product

BigCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization)     

  • Establish default page title and meta descriptions
  • H1, H1... H6 tags
  • Automatically generated robots.txt file
  • Automatic sitemap XML file
  • Per-image alt text and description
  • Page rank is not passed to irrelevant pages
  • Set page title and meta descriptions

Mobile Commerce

  • Easily browse and buy on mobile devices
  • Optimized mobile experience
  • Enable/Disable mobile commerce per device
  • Complete HTML/CSS design customization

BigCommerce Multi-storefront  

BigCommerce Multi Storefront allows one merchant account (server side) to create multiple storefronts that all tie back to the same merchant. This enables merchants to be tactical in their go to market strategy while remaining organized with one BigCommerce account. For example, each BigCommerce multi storefront can be created to target different customer groups and offer different products when compared to the original storefront.  

Benefits of BigCommerce Multi-Storefront:

  • Reduce cost of multiple storefronts 
  • Streamline operations between all storefronts 
  • Add overall efficiency  
  • Increase scalability as a merchant 
  • Capitalize on the opportunity to grow into new markets


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Product Catalog

  • Catalog only mode
  • Scalable catalog
  • Categorization
  • Tree view category management
  • Drag-and-drop category assignments
  • Re-assign the products when deleting categories
  • Add products to unlimited categories

Pricing Options

  • Per-group pricing
  • Price lists for B2B customers
  • Wholesale/retail pricing
  • Enter retail price to show RRP
  • Call for pricing option
  • Bulk discount quantity pricing

Product Visualization, Images, and Photos

  • Upload an unlimited number of photos
  • Automatically generated photo galleries
  • Embed videos in the product description
  • Per-product YouTube video gallery
  • Photo thumbnails on product pages
  • Open large images in a popup/lightbox
  • Customizable photo display settings

Cross-Channel & Omnichannel ecommerce  

Your customers engage with your business through various channels—some prefer shopping via Facebook, while others browse your websites, and some may even visit your brick-and-mortar location. The BigCommerce platform gives merchants the ability to reach customers across different channels while managing the business from one CMS system.

This is commonly known as Omni-channel. It allows customers to buy directly from a blog, social media post, or product listing on different platforms while the business manages the order within BigCommerce. This ensures orders and inventory are synced.  

Multichannel Sales & Fulfillment

  • Brick-and-mortar store locator
  • Social commerce
  • Integrate to sell on marketplaces
  • Publish content from RSS feeds
  • Integration to shopping comparison sites
  • Omnichannel retail management

Channel Integrations

  •  eBay 
  • Google 
  • Amazon 
  • Facebook 
  • Pinterest 
  • Instagram 


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Product Browsing, Search, and Filtering

  • Search suggestions
  • Related search lists
  • Advanced search options
  • Filter by price
  • Filter by availability
  • Shop by brand and price
  • Quick search popup in the store
  • Related products
  • Product comparisons
  • Popular product list
  • New product list
  • Top seller list

Shopping Cart

  • One-click add to cart
  • Add multiple items to the cart
  • Product suggestions cart popup
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Wishlists (public or private)


  • Checkout customization
  • Accept pre-orders
  • Guest checkout option
  • Single page checkout
  • Terms agreement before ordering
  • Gift wrapping options
  • One-click reordering
  • Confirmation of purchase via email

International Ecommerce

  • Complete multi-currency support
  • Live automatically updated exchange rates
  • Automatic visitor currency detection
  • Custom exchange rates, if required
  • Set a currency as the default currency
  • Set per-currency symbol
  • Multi-Language

Inventory, Stock Control, Fulfillment

Inventory Management

The BigCommerce CMS serves as a central hub for all inventory management information. Orders, cancelations, shipments, and returns are automatically tracked on the backend (server side) of the merchant’s account.  In many cases, mid-market and enterprise-level merchants use an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage this information. BigCommerce supports ERP connectors and ERP implementation to ensure seamless and accurate information for all businesses.  

  • Per product inventory levels
  • Per product option inventory levels
  • Set low stock level warning for each product
  • Set current stock level per product option
  • Set low stock level per product option
  • Disable purchasing when an item is out of stock
  • Bulk update inventory levels
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Order Management

  • Order status updates
  • Live order tracking
  • Order messaging system
  • Suport bulk ordering (B2B)
  • Create order shipments
  • Quote management (B2B)
  • Email order confirmation
  • Archive orders instead of deleting
  • Minimum and maximum order quantities
  • Email/Print invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Email invoices to multiple suppliers

Shipping Options

  • Live shipping quote estimates
  • Enable free shipping on a per-product basis
  • Shipping tracking numbers
  • Real-time shipping quotes for UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.
  • Drop shipping and multi-warehouse compatible
  • Define custom shipping rates
  • Limit shipping methods by country or zip code
  • Specify product weight for live shipping quotes
  • Allow customers to choose specific delivery dates
  • Add handling cost to orders

Returns Management

  • Refunds and store credits
  • Custom checkout form fields
  • Take your store down for maintenance
  • Set a custom starting order number
  • Complete returns system (RMA)
  • Offer refund, swap, or store credit
  • Customizable return reasons and actions
  • Status updates are sent to customers via email
  • Returns requested from the "My Account" page
  • Option to disable returns
  • Receive email notifications for new returns
  • Complete audit log of all return requests
  • Display returns policies on website

Tax and Payments

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Tax Management

  • Flexible tax system
  • Full support for geographic tax zones
  • Multiple, stackable product classes
  • State-based tax zones
  • Country-based tax zones
  • Unlimited tax rates & zones
  • Prices inclusive/exclusive tax
  • Tax rate display in store
  • Tax shown on invoices
  • Flexible tax rules and flow
  • Tax display and processing
  • Choose if a product is taxable or not


  • Accept credit cards online
  • Support for 50+ payment gateways
  • Auto-detect location for currency
  • Sell in multiple currencies
  • Real-time conversion rate updates
  • Mobile payments
  • Electronic payments
  • Digital wallets


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Platform Management & Security

  • Admin-controlled editing rights
  • Automatic admin logout after 15 minutes
  • Minimum password strength indicator
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Create unlimited email accounts
  • Free software updates
  • Add/edit your own DNS records
  • Web-based control panel

Performance and Reliability

  • 100% browser-based
  • Works in all browsers
  • World-class uptime (99.99% uptime)
  • Backup and restore
  • Daily offsite backups
  • Fast site speed
  • Global CDN

A Note on BigCommerce B2B Edition 

The BigCommerce B2B Edition is an add-on feature that gives merchants a broader set of BigCommerce features specifically created for B2B eCommerce. The added features make the B2B ecommerce model simple, sustainable, and scalable.  The features included with this add-on are:

  • Partner accounts 
  • Customer Groups 
  • Pricing Lists 
  • Bulk Pricing 
  • Purchase Order Approvals 
  • Quote Management 

Don't See a Feature You Are Looking For?

If you are evaluating BigCommerce for your business but did not find a particular feature you were looking for in this list, please be sure to reach out to our team! BigCommerce is an extensive e-commerce platform, so it likely does have the feature you are looking for, though perhaps it's listed using terms you wouldn't expect. If BigCommerce does not include the exact feature out of the box, or at least a similar capability, keep in mind that the feature could likely be added through customization, or by integrating a 3rd-party BigCommerce App!

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