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Connecting NetSuite to an ecommerce platform has never been easier. SuiteCommerce is a NetSuite module that can be downloaded as a bundle and installed into your NetSuite environment. 

Its a special skill set in NetSuite because it requires advanced knowledge in NetSuite architecture as well as web development in single page applications. That's why Anchor Group specializes in SuiteCommerce implementations optimizing your SEO along the way to sell more products.


Business Requirements and Analysis

Make sure all your implementation requirements are clearly defined to ensure a smooth SuiteCommerce implementation worthy of a raving SuiteCommerce review. At this stage, you will get a fully detailed estimate. 

Website Design

Customize your theme even further and get the website to look exactly how you envisioned. Or utilize the existing theme entirely for a faster implementation. You can opt out of this service if you have a graphic designer or marketing team available to pull the details together. 

NetSuite Bundle Installation and Configuration

We are experts in NetSuite ERP and can easily work in your environment. We'll install the bundle, set up the domain in NetSuite, features, import inventory details specific to the website, and configure the website.

SuiteCommerce Development

In this stage, we build out all the customization or features that need to be added to your unique NetSuite ecommerce instance. Theme and extensions will be added to the website to enhance your customer experience.

SuiteCommerce SEO

Before turning on the switch, we will make sure all your data is optimized for SuiteCommerce search engine optimization (SEO). We can add unique data management features that will ensure your SEO remains optimized as you add new items to your ecommerce platform. 

"These are the people you go to when others say it can't be done or it is too hard to do"



Your business will continue to grow and SuiteCommerce uses dynamic pages that will allow you to quickly add more inventory to your ecommerce website. 


SuiteCommerce connects your customers from ecommerce directly into NetSuite. My Account in SuiteCommerce can be highly customized for B2B businesses.


SuiteCommerce uses themes and extensions to allow you to have total control of the code. Build the most complex javascript or HTML website with a modular design.


Do you have scripts running on your NetSuite data? No problem...SuiteCommerce can handle them too since it is directly tied to the NetSuite. The changes there are live for SuiteCommerce.


SuiteCommerce is only for NetSuite users so it pairs seamlessly into the NetSuite ERP system. SuiteCommerce pulls data directly from NetSuite with configuration.


The more popular a solution is to customers, the more support options there are available. Plus, companies like Anchor Group make custom extensions for more business solution options.


The single page application loads all the javascript at once so your user can browse the website faster without having to reload pages. Get your customer to checkout more quickly. 


There are two key pieces to SEO. Data management of content (title, descriptions, details) and additional SEO customization bundles to get to number 1 on Google.



Check out some of these SuiteCommerce website examples of real customers. You can also check out one of our demo websites we use to build SuiteCommerce customization's prior to releasing them to the public. Maybe you will catch a glimpse of a feature you like and want implemented into your NetSuite ecommerce solution!



You can contact our team for exact estimates on SuiteCommerce pricing. We are currently building a simple online calculator to give you better immediate estimate on your SuiteCommerce costs. Our team has partnered with a large number of companies to help reduce your implementation costs dramatically. We do this by understanding your business need and avoiding unnecessary customization. Why rebuild something that has already been created?


There are two options, SuiteCommerce Standard (SCS) and SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA). Here is a useful article that explains the difference. In summary, the main difference is access to source code.

The SuiteCommerce implementation can be done for as low as $15,000 but it is more likely to be around $30,000 with some larger implementations reaching $60,000+. Large implementations tend to have additional customization's your business may decide as highly important prior to Go-Live. SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) implementations tend to be on the higher end because SCA customers tend to like more customization. 


SuiteCommerce Review

If you already have SuiteCommerce, we can do a code review to ensure all your customizations are optimized.


We can make custom themes or change your existing SuiteCommerce theme entirely! Our team of web developers and graphic designers will make your SuiteCommerce website stunning. 

SuiteCommerce Implementation

Switching to SuiteCommerce from another platform? Or maybe you are new to ecommerce in general? We have the heart of a teacher and want to ensure your success on the platform. You will find that we are a partner you can trust to have by your side along every step.

SuiteCommerce Integrations

We can implement any SuiteApp or 3rd party software into NetSuite and SuiteCommerce. Some companies have built a connection to make it easier to get moving with new solutions introduced to SuiteCommerce.

Shopping Promotions

If you decide to offer promotions to your customers like free gifts, discounts, or any type of special item promotion then we can get them set up for you to be using quickly. In addition, we'll teach you how to use SuitePromotions along the way!

SuiteCommerce SEO

We have created unique processes to ensure you are maximizing your search engine optimization for SuiteCommerce. Our solutions include automated SEO data management, optimized keyword content, development, and page speeds.


Implement free extensions by NetSuite or create new custom extensions enhancing your ecommerce functionality. Add more B2B or B2C features your customers need.

SuiteCommerce Rescue

Did someone attempt to implement your SuiteCommerce platform and turn it into a nightmare? Our team can sweep up the mess and turn it into a success even under a tight deadline.

Payment Processing

You can help your customers purchase faster by utilizing different payment processing options that are easy to integrate into the SuiteCommerce platform. Get reduced fees to increase margins and give customers more options to pay during checkout.

Continuous Improvement

Your business will continue to change as you introduce new products, new streams of revenue, and potentially new subsidiaries from acquiring more businesses. We are here to support you throughout your NetSuite ecommerce journey.

SuiteCommerce Managed Services

Don't have an in house admin or developer? We got you covered! We will get your desired projects complete and provide solutions for other low hanging fruit projects.

Version Migration

Do you have SuiteCommerce Advanced and need to migrate to the latest version? It doesn't matter how old your system is...we will migrate and update the customization's with the latest SuiteCommerce best practices.

Configurable Systems

SuiteCommerce can be heavily customized, but sometimes developers don't make it easy for you to make minor changes. We build customizations that can easily be configured for minor modifications and swapping out marketing material.

Review Automation

Product reviews make SuiteCommerce SEO even better. NetSuite ecommerce has native reviews that can be further automated to help encourage your customers to provide feedback for future customers.

NetSuite Scripting and Consulting

We have certified team of NetSuite consultants and developers ready to support your business needs outside of SuiteCommerce. Every module, every process, every customization is supported.




The implementation cost is a major consideration when thinking about getting any new software. Find out why everyone loves to use Anchor Group for their NetSuite SuiteCommerce implementation. We are a family owned business and pride ourselves with having the heart of a teacher.


Magento vs SuiteCommerce

Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce solutions by holding a significant portion of the market share. However, SuiteCommerce has been on the rise since Magento 2.0. User experience is one of the most distinct areas that the two divide. Magento tends to be less consistent when integrating with different solutions. SuiteCommerce uses a single page application that loads all the javascript right away so navigating between areas of the store is faster for the user.


Since SuiteCommerce was built on an ERP system, accounting practices and data processing were always part of the solution. Magento will require more third-party extensions and development support to match SuiteCommerce with regards to accounting. When comparing scalability, both solutions provide a similar benefit and are able to grow well with your business. It's good to know that they both have solutions capable of scalability. Since the latest updates to SuiteCommerce configuration, extension manager, and website setup, the implementation time of SuiteCommerce has been drastically reduced and can be accomplished within a few weeks for a basic implementation. Magento does have competive subscription pricing, but the IT development costs may exceed that of SuiteCommerce.

Overall, if you are using NetSuite as an ERP platform, then SuiteCommerce is a no brainer...

Shopify vs SuiteCommerce

Shopify has been a growing ecommerce platform over the last few years and has targeted smaller ecommerce businesses. They are a stand alone ecommerce platform that have a strong user base with a clean intuitive structure. Since Shopify doesn't have direct access to NetSuite in the same way that SuiteCommerce does, it is not as easy to scale. Managing the sales data in larger volumes is critical when scaling your company. Your customers may need special data that you need to display after new business processes or product lines are implemented. Connectors are designed for standard business data transfer, but when your business grows, it needs a more flexible approach that SuiteCommerce provides more quickly. You could use a custom integration that would allow for more flexibility.

If you are a new startup with revenue under $1 million then Shopify is the clear choice simply due to pricing. You probably don't have NetSuite yet either which would make SuiteCommerce unavailable. If you are a company that is planning to have NetSuite, then SuiteCommerce makes a lot of sense to implement. Typically, companies start to actively look at NetSuite and SuiteCommerce when they reach approximately $8-10 million in annual revenue.


Shopify has other options for larger businesses like Shopify Plus, but SuiteCommerce Advanced beats its features going head to head with a B2B website. Both products are a solid choice for B2C ecommerce solutions and have their unique pros and cons. 

Shopify tends to have a larger volume of developers because there are more active websites using its system at the moment. It makes sense that they have a larger market share since only NetSuite users have access to SuiteCommerce. When you have a larger pool of developers available, you can probably find developers for a little less per hour. However, you will still need someone knowledgeable in NetSuite to perform integrations, scripts to manage data, and support Shopify data. Even though there are a lot of Shopify developers, there are a select few (even less than SuiteCommerce) that also have the necessary expertise in NetSuite.

When trying to decide which option is best for you, it is more important to build out your requirements for the ecommerce website and try to anticipate your growth needs. This will help make the comparison easier. Then you can dive into the specific functionality as it relates to your business. If you have already done this, then feel free to contact our team for a demo of the native SuiteCommerce features. 

SuiteCommerce Standard vs SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA)

There is one main distinction between SuiteCommerce Advanced and SuiteCommerce standard...access to the source code. SuiteCommerce Standard still has the ability to write extensions that can create nearly all of the customizations that you may require. For companies that spend more resources on development teams (>$200,000), it is likely they will want to get SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA). There are also some SuiteApps that are exclusive to SuiteCommerce Advanced because they work by manipulating the source code. 

SuiteCommerce standard is approximately 30%-50% less expensive than SuiteCommerce Advanced making it a more affordable option if this is your first ecommerce website or if you are a smaller business. Theme changes and functionality modifications can still be developed in SuiteCommerce Standard.


Switching from SuiteCommerce Standard to SuiteCommerce Advanced is not super difficult to do since it can use the same source code, extensions, theme, and other NetSuite ERP customizations. You may run into more issues switching from SuiteCommerce Advanced to SuiteCommerce Standard if a customization was performed that required a change to the source code. There is still work involved because it is likely migrating from a different SuiteCommerce version.

SCA is not a managed bundle which means that you need to migrate to the latest versions yourself. But this can be a good thing if you are a company that makes a lot of customization. You can be sure that an update by NetSuite doesn't break any of your customizations. SuiteCommerce Standard is a managed bundle that updates automatically, but there are risks to customization's breaking when there are automatic updates. You will typically have access to new SuiteCommerce updates in sandbox prior to the release date that will allow you to be proactive in ensuring any customization is not impacted.


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