Anchor Group Recognized by NetSuite as Summer 2022 Alliance Partner Spotlight Award Winner

We are excited to share that Oracle NetSuite has named Anchor Group NetSuite Consultants and Developers a Summer 2022 Alliance Partner Spotlight Award Winner for both Retail and SuiteCommerce!

Anchor Group NetSuite Alliance Partner Spotlight Winner 2022


NetSuite's Alliance Partner Spotlight Awards

NetSuite’s Alliance Partner Spotlight Awards recognize leading partners and their achievements for outstanding work with customers, including:

  • Demonstrated commitment and success in implementing NetSuite
  • Development of outstanding expertise, customizations and/or intellectual property in specific microverticals
  • Demonstrated commitment to and success in implementing NetSuite Analytics Warehouse, OpenAir, SuiteCommerce and NetSuite Planning and Budgeting

The NetSuite Alliance Partner program provides business consulting services, as well as integration and implementation services, that help customers get even more value from their NetSuite software. Alliance Partners are experts in their field and have a deep and unique understanding of NetSuite solutions.


Industry Spotlight Award: Retail

Anchor Group is being recognized by NetSuite as the Summer 2022 Alliance Partner Spotlight Winner for Retail because of our work with Two Authenticators. On this project, we worked to implement exciting features, and innovative customizations on their site!

While we did not come up with the design itself, the most exciting part for our team was implementing a custom SuiteCommerce theme that fit Two Authenticator's branding highlighting luxury, verified quality, and unique styling.

"If someone is ever wondering about the limit cases on what design can be done with SuiteCommerce, I think this is a great example! It doesn't look like any other SuiteCommerce site, and it shows how extreme you can get with design." - Peter , Anchor Group

But Two Authenticator's branding is not restricted to just the visual design of their site. As web developers and marketers are well aware, a company's branding should overflow into the functionality of its website as well. Two Authenticator's deeply integrated branding lead us to implement a version of our Complex Promotion for SuiteCommerce, which brings additional sophistication and customization to promotions with live changes to the webstore as viewed by a particular customer based on the contents of their cart.

We want to thank Two Authenticators for putting their trust in our team!

anchor group oracle netsuite alliance partner spotlight winner 2022 retail


Product Spotlight Award: SuiteCommerce

Anchor Group is also being recognized by NetSuite as the Summer 2022 Alliance Partner Spotlight Winner for SuiteCommerce because of our work with Golden Software.

Software companies often face challenges around selling and managing subscriptions when implementing SuiteCommerce as their primary ecommerce platform connected to NetSuite. In working with Golden Software on their SuiteCommerce website, we resolved these pain points through various aspects of our Subscription Solution that allows companies to sell software licensing through their SuiteCommere store and bill for these licenses on a subscription basis.

Anchor Group's subscription solution also allows customers to view subscription details (such as user limits and unused licenses) and manage individual subscribers from within MyAccount. Due to the nature of the solution, we are able to implement just the features related to selling and billing for subscriptions and leave off this additional functionality of a subscriber management interface if it isn't needed. Along those same lines, when we work on SuiteCommerce projects like these, we always look to any native solutions available in SuiteCommerce as a first option and only make customizations as necessary based on the specific business needs of our customers.

"Natively there is this kind of interface where you can manage your subscriptions and add or remove items... but some companies also need to be able to add specific users to those items on subscriptions." - Joe, Anchor Group PM

We want to thank Golden Software for putting their trust in our team!

anchor group oracle netsuite alliance partner spotlight winner 2022 suitecommerce


Your Trusted NetSuite Partner

Anchor Group is proud to be a NetSuite Partner trusted by companies across the United States! As a certified Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner & Oracle NetSuite Commerce Partner, Anchor Group is equipped to handle all kinds of NetSuite and SuiteCommerce projects, large or small. So, whether you are just considering an implementation, or your company has been using NetSuite and SuiteCommerce for years, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!

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