Subscription Solution for SuiteCommerce

A SuiteCommerce Solution by the Developers at Anchor Group


There is a barrier to selling subscriptions through SuiteCommerce, because there is no native functionality in NetSuite for listing subscription plans on the store.

Overcome that barrier with this SuiteCommerce solution that generates a subscription record upon sales order creation!

When a customer completes checkout, the order confirmation page prompts the user to go to a subscription management application in the My Account page.


Bundle Features

  • Subscription management application in My Account
  • Subscription purchase confirmation page that prompts the user to activate the subscription and add subscribers
  • Adds a custom "Subscriptions" tab in My Account
  • Detailed subscription view, warning messages display if active subscriptions haven't been assigned to subscribers
  • Area to manage subcustomers and subscribers, grant/deny access to individuals
  • Handles item kits, item groups, and non-inventory items

Business Use Cases

  • Sell subscriptions through SuiteCommerce
  • Allow customers to view and manage their subscriptions in SuiteCommerce My Account
  • Allow customers to assign subscribers to purchased subscriptions through My Account
  • Helps your customers ensure that the subscriptions they have purchased from you are being used

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