Build Your Own Kit, Complex Promotion

A SuiteCommerce Extension by the Developers at Anchor Group

anchor group suitecommerce app build your own kit complex promotion

Looking for a way to increase customer engagement on your SuiteCommerce web store or push certain products out the door?

This SuiteCommerce extension allows you to gamify the shopping experience for your customers through a complex promotion that changes the customer price level based on the contents of the cart.

When the contents of the customer's cart meet the promotion requirements (ex. total over $500, or cart contains all the required products) you can drop product prices across your store for that customer!


Bundle Features

  • Mark down all items in the store once the contents of their cart meets promotional criteria
  • Can apply to any items of your choosing
  • Can customize the display of the website after markdown occurs

Business Use Cases

  • Gamify the shopping experience for your customers
  • Improve customer engagement and increase tie spent on your site
  • Hold your customer's attention and expose them to more of your products
  • Increase sales of items connected to the promotion
  • Push certain products out the door to make way for new inventory
  • Introduce customers to newly launched products

Product Details

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