Corynn Anderson

Corynn Anderson

Prior to stepping into the Marketing Director role at Anchor Group, Corynn received her Bachelor of Arts in Marketing as well as her Master’s of Business Administration from Benedictine College. In her work at Anchor Group, Corynn focuses on the team's value of having the heart of a teacher, sharing NetSuite knowledge with other business leaders who are looking for new ways to optimize their business operations through technology. In her free time, Corynn enjoys volleyball, snowboarding, playing the violin, reading, and learning new skills related to her work.

Working with Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning (Automated Version)

Working with Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning | Automated Version

There are two versions of Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning, a manual version and an automated version. The automated version, works well for companies that don't need someone to manually review each invoice or dunning letter before they can be sent out.

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Intro to Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning   (Manual Version)

Intro to Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning | Manual Version

There are two versions of Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning, a manual version and an automated version. The manual version gives you a bit more control over individual email sends, but requires more hands-on attention from your team.

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Correcting Count Errors (NetSuite Physical Inventory Count)

Correcting Count Errors | NetSuite Physical Inventory Count

The NetSuite Physical Inventory Count solution allows you to easily correct count errors for particular items. There is no need to reject the entire count!

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Physical Inventory Count Solution for NetSuite

Physical Inventory Count | NetSuite Inventory Management App

NetSuite Physical Inventory Count was built to make inventory counting easy, whether you have warehouses, storefronts, or a mix of both.

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Working with Vendor Bill OCR Functionality: Advanced AP for NetSuite

OCR Functionality in NetSuite | Advanced AP

Learn how to work with the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality for NetSuite vendor bill processing, available through Advanced AP for NetSuite and NetSuite Advanced Entity Portals!

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Introduction to Document Collaboration for NetSuite

Intro to NetSuite Document Collaboration | DMS

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), NetSuite Document Collaboration enables you to work on documents with your customers, vendors, and teammates!

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Intro to Advanced AP for NetSuite

Intro to Advanced AP for NetSuite | Vendor Management

AP Automation for NetSuite is built on top of the NetSuite Advanced Entity Portals platform and incorporates the vendor portal, Document Collaboration, and OCR for vendor bill processing, as well as a more complex vendor onboarding piece.

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