Mailchimp Integration to NetSuite

A NetSuite ERP and SuiteCommerce Integration by the Anchor Group Developers


Ready to take ecommerce and CRM to the next level with powerful email marketing tools? Get the ultimate NetSuite Mailchimp integration that allows for ecommerce automation, including cart abandonment and product recommendations!

Engage lost sales and fuel customer loyalty by connecting your NetSuite customer data to Mailchimp customer journeys.

No risk. 30-day free trial. Cancel anytime.


NetSuite App Features

  • 2-way Sync of customers, company data, contacts, prospect, and leads
  • Sync custom customer/contact fields
  • New customer emails
  • Cart abandonment emails
  • Product recommendation emails
  • Order status emails
  • Works with SuiteCommerce
  • Works with SuiteCommerce Advanced
  • Easy NetSuite Bundle Installation
  • Developed by NetSuite Developers

Business Use Cases

  • Ecommerce cart abandonment
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Request reviews of products
  • Surveys of products or services provided
  • Utilize Mailchimp template builder tools

Connect Your NetSuite Data to Powerful Email Marketing Tools


This is a self-install bundle that you can purchase and set up right away! Both payment plans include a 30-day free trial, and you can cancel your subscription at any time if you are unsatisfied.


Product Details

Affordable NetSuite pricing for the best erp software

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Implementation Time for NetSuite apps

Implementation Time

20 hours*

Get a SuiteBundle with Anchor Group's NetSuite developer and consultant



NetSuite implementation



Customize NetSuite with Anchor Group



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Free Trial

30-day Free Trial


*Although this bundle is able to be self-installed, we suggest that you purchase a block of 15-20 hours from Anchor Group to support the installation, modify scripts, and provide guidance of best practices for setting up Mailchimp based on your NetSuite integration. This block of hours can be purchased by reaching out to Anchor Group on our contact page.

**This solution is billed on a recurring monthly basis.


Mailchimp NetSuite Integration Installation Guide

Installation instructions for the Anchor Group Mailchimp NetSuite Integration. Learn how to install the bundle, find API Keys, and configure the Mailchimp connector record.


Mailchimp Integration Helpful Tips 

Get some helpful tips for setting up the NetSuite Mailchimp integration by Anchor Group.


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