NetSuite Integration

A Project Management Integration by Anchor Group Developers NetSuite Integration

By connecting to NetSuite, you get access to custom building blocks, automation, integration, and connectivity that allows you to lay out your project management and workflows in a way that aligns with your business in a very precise way!

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Features & Benefits

  • This API-powered integration enables two-way data flow between and NetSuite
  • Extend project collaboration by enabling users to interact with specific NetSuite data from the UI
  • Leverage a combination of automations and workflows in and NetSuite for 360° customization

Business Use Cases

  • Project Management (All Verticals)
  • Manufacturing/Inventory Management
  • CRM/Sales/Prospecting/Business Development
  • Custom Forms & Record Collection
  • Customer/Guest portal/Project Collaboration
  • Order Fulfillment/Processing/Tracking
  • Cross Departmental Custom Workflows
  • Operation Controls/Dashboards/Data Centers

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