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Payments Solution

Sezzle is a revolutionary system that makes payments more manageable for customers, without sacrificing a vendor's security or leading to high accounts receivable balances.

Sezzle is especially popular with younger users, including shoppers 18 and older who might not have access to traditional lines of credit. By being able to reach these customers with Sezzle, you can increase your reach and market share!


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Payments Made Easier

Sezzle is a payment method that enables shoppers to "Buy Now, Pay Later" with simple interest-free installment plans. It breaks down the total cost of an order into smaller, more manageable installments - most commonly 4 equal payments, each two weeks apart.

Shoppers only have to pay a fraction of the order total upfront, but you never have to worry about how much shoppers have paid or if they'll pay the rest. In fact, you can sell your products and services confidently, knowing their money will be on its way - because Sezzle sends the full amount to merchants immediately after orders are processed.


Increase Sales

Shoppers are always told right away what their initial payment will be, as well as when the remaining payments will be scheduled. Because all the remaining installments are automatically scheduled, shoppers never have to worry about logging in and paying a bill before it's due! By giving shoppers the confidence and ability to check out today, Sezzle can help fight abandoned carts and increase overall sales conversion rates.


Worried about fraud or repayment risk?

Don't be! Sezzle pays vendors upfront, and takes on the entire risk associated with the delayed payments! This means that merchants who use Sezzle can process orders with confidence, and never have to worry about how much a shopper has paid or when a shopper will finish making their payment installments.


Sezzle/NetSuite Integration

  • Sales Orders
  • Returns/Refunds
  • Handles backend NS events 
  • Sends calls to Sezzle API that capture/refund/delete/update
  • Auto-creates necessary records in NetSuite
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