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NetSuite Integrated SMS Solution

SMS Messaging has rapidly become one of the most popular business-to-customer communication tools, and for good reason. Texting is a fast, convenient way to keep customers engaged, and if managed well, it can provide a major boost to both conversion rates and customer satisfaction scores!

That's why Message Media's NetSuite Integrated SMS Solution is such a powerful tool for businesses. Because it's integrated with NetSuite, you'll be able to send and receive text messages directly from within the NetSuite interface, and so manage all of your CRM communications from one central platform. By providing a quick, easy way for customers to get the answers they need from your team, you'll be able to provide better customer service while saving your team time and money.


Want to learn more about how Message Media SMS tools can boost your NetSuite CRM efforts?



  • Reach prospects and drive sales with personalized, bulk text messages
  • Reduce customer service costs and improve customer satisfaction
  • Use keywords to route inbound messages and trigger auto responses
  • Messages are automatically logged to the customer record in NetSuite
  • Keep customers up to date with triggered messages based on changes to their order status
  • Enhance customer loyalty and engagement
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