Inventory Management Solutions for NetSuite

Anchor Group recommends using RF-SMART's warehouse management solutions to enable real-time inventory tracking directly in NetSuite. RF-SMART's comprehensive solutions allow customers to use barcode scanners to easily update inventory locations and transactions from the warehouse floor. 

RF-SMART helps Anchor Group's customers to increase inventory accuracy to 99.9%+ and eliminate costly errors across their supply chain through SuiteApps built specifically for warehouse management, shipping,  and label printing. RF-SMART has partnered with over 2,000 customers in manufacturing, retail, and distribution to increase their warehouse productivity by up to 40% through their multiple software and hardware solutions.  


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RF-SMART Features

  • Cycle Counting
  • Mobile Pick Pack Ship
  • Work Center Reporting
  • Packing Station
  • Inbound & Outbound License Plating
  • Pre-Allocation & Location Leveling
  • Mobile app
rf smart on mobile phone in warehouse

RF-SMART for NetSuite Webinar

In this recorded RF-SMART for NetSuite webinar, the RF-SMART team covers their full suite of supply chain solutions that can help you improve your warehouse accuracy and efficiency!

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