Annex Cloud

Customer Marketing Platform

Annex Cloud

Connect, engage, and grow your customer relationships at scale.

Annex Cloud's Loyalty Experience Manager™ combines best-in-class loyalty program management capabilities with powerful engagement modules to build attitudinal, emotional and empathic connections to your brand. The solution is built on an extensible SaaS architecture and integrated with the world's leading digital solutions for easy setup and integration, creating a seamless experience for your customers across all of your technology.

Annex Cloud

Loyalty Experience Manager™

  • Build emotional bonds with customers in every interaction, across every platform

  • Incent profitable customer behaviors with meaningful rewards

  • Keep customers engaged and driving growth through gamification, user generated content, referrals and influencer management

  • Gain customer intelligence that enables hyper-personalization, sophisticated segmentation and highly targeted campaign management

Why Should You Use Anchor Group for 3rd Party Software Solutions?

Meet a few NetSuite consultant team members...

Navigating the best software solutions that integrate into NetSuite can be a challenging task. You will need to implement the solution, ensure it can combine with your existing solutions appropriately, and most importantly...integrate into NetSuite. Companies across the United States trust Anchor Group NetSuite Consultants to integrate these software solutions into NetSuite and ensure all your systems are at 100% before go-live. Sometimes, you may find that you'd like additional automation which is why our team has expert NetSuite developers at the ready to create scripts and workflows. Have SuiteCommerce and looking to make improvements? We can help with that too! Schedule a discovery call to see where we can tackle your NetSuite pain points to increase business process efficiency in your ERP or eCommerce solution.