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For Payment Gateway Providers Looking to Expand Their Market Presence to NetSuite Users


With the rise of global business operations and remote workforces, Cloud-based ERP systems are becoming more prevalent every year. NetSuite in particular is growing in popularity as the #1 Cloud-based ERP System in the market, with over 26,000 organizations using the platform in 215 countries and territories. If your payment gateway doesn't connect to NetSuite, that's a lot of potential customers that you're missing out on! But don't worry, we're here to help!

We can build an integration between your payment gateway and NetSuite, with a go-live timeline of as little as 12 weeks. Imagine... increasing the market you operate in by 26,000 customers in 12 weeks, just by partnering with us to build out a NetSuite integration!

Our Methodology

Our Methodology

When we create your integration, we will build it as a managed bundle, which means we personally install the integration on clients' accounts to ensure efficient setup, high-quality customer service, and increased user acceptance. With our method, you will receive the following:

  • Dedicated Delivery Manager/Project Lead
  • 20+ NetSuite & SuiteCommerce Developers or Consultants
  • Solution Training from a Team with the Heart of a Teacher

Alternative to SuitePayment API

Now, You might be thinking, "What about SuitePayment API? Can't I just use that?" ...well, yes and no. NetSuite limits the number of payment processing/gateway companies allowed to join the SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) which is what is required to be listed on The only way to get access to SuitePayments API is through this partnership.

However, we created an alternative method to get the same integration outcome outside the SuitePayments API, so even if you're not one of the select few, you can still support NetSuite customers!

Your Trusted NetSuite Partner

Anchor Group is a top NetSuite implementation partner that services the NetSuite ecosystem across all industries.


Integration Timeline Example

What to Expect During Integration Development

Note: this timeline is provided as an example of how we work through our projects and the general timeframes you can expect. The actual timeline will vary based on the unique aspects of your payment gateway, and will be determined in initial meetings with our team.

Initiate Integration Development


Kickoff/Finish Defining Requirements

Approximate Timeframe: Week 1

Reveal any additional requirements by talking more about your business. Identify any extra features you want implemented before going live.

Integration Requirements


Solution Design

Approximate Timeframe: Week 2

Determine how to accomplish all the objectives with detail and identify any potential roadblocks. Team lead assigns tasks to Anchor Group consultants/developers.

Build Integration



Approximate Timeframe: Weeks 3-7

Setup any applicable fields, searches, scripts, workflows, or native configurations. Configure NetSuite using best practices and company-specific requests.

Implementation training


User Acceptance Training

Approximate Timeframe: Weeks 8-9

Walkthrough with stakeholders (your employees using NetSuite) and take the opportunity to train them on NetSuite.

Fixing Integration Errors


Remedy any Use Case Issues

Approximate Timeframe: Weeks 10-11

Fix any bugs found during UAT and identify any additional requirements for continuous improvements.

Integration go-live


Go-Live and Post Production Support

Approximate Timeframe: Week 12

Push all changes to the production environment and support your team with their questions.


Interested in a NetSuite Integration for your Payment Gateway?

Contact us to learn more about what a NetSuite Integration build project would look like with our team!

NetSuite Payment Gateway FAQs

  • What payment gateway can I use with NetSuite?

    There are several payment gateways that you can use with NetSuite, including Stripe, PayPal, CyberSource, Solupay, and

  • What is payment gateway integration?

    Payment gateway integration (in the context of NetSuite) is the process of connecting a 3rd-party payment gateway with NetSuite ERP so that customer payment information can pass between the two systems in a secure and reliable way. Payment gateway integration development is complex, and requires the support of an experienced NetSuite Developer.

  • What does it cost to integrate a payment gateway with NetSuite?

    The cost to build an integration between NetSuite and a payment gateway depends on a variety of factors. If you are a decision maker for a payment gateway company and are interested in getting a detailed quote for integrating your specific payment gateway with NetSuite, contact us!

  • What other integration services does Anchor Group offer?

    Anchor Group has built NetSuite integrations for several 3rd-party solutions, including Sezzle payments, Mailchimp email marketing, Koerber shipping, and project management tools. We have also partnered with integrator platforms, such as Celigo and Pipe17, to help our customers connect 3rd-party software solutions with NetSuite.

  • What other development services does Anchor Group offer?

    Our team here at Anchor Group offers a variety of NetSuite consulting and development services! These include developing custom NetSuite Apps, creating SuiteCommerce extensions, writing custom SuiteScript, SuiteCommerce Theme development, and so much more!


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