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NetSuite Saved Search Course Topics

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netsuite reporting basics

NetSuite Reporting Basics

  • Internal IDs
  • Header vs. Line level data
  • Reports vs. Financial Reports vs. Saved Searches
  • System Notes
  • Common Saved Search Fields in NetSuite
  • NetSuite Saved Search Field Filter Extension
posting transaction netsuite saved search

Posting Transaction Saved Search

  • How to Create a Saved Search
  • Posting Transaction Saved Search Overview
  • Saved Search Criteria Overview
  • Saved Search Results Overview
  • Using Summary Type to Enhance Saved Search Results
  • Saved Search Permissions
  • Posting Transaction Saved Search
netsuite account segment saved search

Account Segment Saved Search

  • Overview
  • Criteria
  • Results
  • Automating Search Distribution
  • Next Steps - Account Segment Saved Search
updating netsuite customer records with saved search and csv uploads

Updating Customer Records with Saved Search and CSV Uploads

  • Building a Customer Saved Search
  • Preparing the CSV file to update Customer records
  • Update Customer Records with the CSV Import Tool

This course covers how to build three NetSuite saved searches common for accountants!

optimal data saved search for accountants
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