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Data Conversion for NetSuite Implementation

Save your accounting team time for completing other value-added tasks by utilizing technology that helps you manage data conversion. Balancing month-end closes, audits, budgets, and other tasks as a small finance team is challenging, so simplify the process by ensuring that all transactions are in NetSuite, rather than split between two systems.

Take advantage of a data migration solution that has helped complete 65+ NetSuite implementations since 2020!


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NetSuite Data Migration

Migrate Your Detailed Transaction History With Peace of Mind

  • Keep sales and purchase history in your NetSuite system for reporting and planning purposes
  • Importing transactions eases quarterly & annual audit preparation
  • Ensure you make your target go-live date by having a data conversion expert handle this challenging task
  • No need for manually entering historical transactions into NetSuite
  • Audit package and post-go-live support for your financial statement auditors comfortable with the implementation process

Included Services

  • Import historical financial transactions from your legacy system to NetSuite
  • Preparation and review of segments, customer, vendor, and employee record import files
  • Financial timeout package for guiding auditors through implementation
  • Assistance with report building and other commonly requested saved searches


  • Base technology fee of $5,000 includes monthly net change journal entry for up to five years of history
  • Incremental technology fee of $250/mo per operating subsidiary of transactions imported**
  • Consulting billed at $185/hr - Includes time for data preparation, segment structure review, report building, and answering questions

**Monthly technology fee increases by $0.025/transaction over 10,000 transactions per month. (This is rare.)


Data Migration FAQs

  • What Is NetSuite Data Migration?

    In just a few words? Data migration is the process of getting your data moved from where it is now, to where it needs to be inside of NetSuite.

  • How does Data Migration Affect my NetSuite Implementation?

    Accurate data migration is crucial for a successful NetSuite Implementation. If your data migration process is messy, your NetSuite implementation will take a lot longer to complete, pushing back your go-live date. Without proper data mapping and organization inside of NetSuite, you won't be able to leverage the full power of your new ERP system after launching it.

Data Migration Goals

Here are a few things that we think should be part of every NetSuite data migration project.


1. Reducing Data Redundancy and Improving Data Integrity

Data tends to get messy over time, especially if the system that you are using to manage your data does not have data integrity controls in place. Therefore, data migration to NetSuite and a general data cleanup almost always go hand-in-hand. A big part of moving your data into NetSuite will involve learning where data is currently stored in exact duplicate, versus which records contain overlapping information with some unique data attached to it.

For example, data can be stored in multiple departments with different categorizations of the same customers, products, or processes, but that doesn’t mean they are identical. It is possible for each department to keep its own distinct set of data on these individuals and items.


2. Keeping Data Migration Costs Low

We understand that a full NetSuite Integration can be an expensive process. With that in mind, we want to help you reduce the costs that are directly related to data migration.

It might be tempting to go find a cheaper data migration technology and have your on-site staff learn to use it and perform the data imports without having to pay for expert consulting hours. What most people don't realize, is that this seemingly cheap approach of DIY data migration without consulting an expert can drive up costs for years to come due to duplicate/missing data, poor data organization, or even having to re-do parts of the initial data migration.

The cheapest way to handle a data migration is to make sure it's done right the first time.


3. Making Regulatory Compliance Easier

If you've been working with customer data for a while, you've probably learned just how hard it is to comply with the ever-changing laws and regulations surrounding how businesses can use and store data.

Depending on what industry and region you operate in, complying with data regulations can be a major hurdle or a minor inconvenience. Either way, we want to use this technology and our expertise to help make the regulatory aspect of data management easier for you as you work to implement NetSuite.


If these goals for data management align with your company's needs, let us know!

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