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by Caleb Schmitz in , July 11th, 2022

SuiteCommerce MyAccount is a fantastic solution for companies looking for a portal for their customers to access NetSuite data. Business to Business (B2B) organizations are going to be jumping on this opportunity to build out a powerful interface for their customers. B2B customers get a sleek ecommerce experience. Every wholesale and distribution company needs to at least take a peek at how this can improve their organization. Make sure to read this entire article to get a full grasp of SuiteCommerce MyAccount. NetSuite recently announced this SuiteCommerce solution as an entry point into ecommerce for B2B organizations. The goal is to give B2B companies the ability to slowly dip their feet into the ecommerce world with a solution that can be immediately adopted by their current processes. In the same announcement, NetSuite spoke of NetSuite CRM improvements.

NetSuite Customer Center Portal

Historically, companies with NetSuite that don't have SuiteCommerce use the customer center portal within NetSuite. The design of this portal leaves a lot to be desired. The visual aspect of the interface can be modified using a Suitelet, but it can be much more challenging than in SuiteCommerce. This is SuiteCommerce UX is supposed to be easily modified. Otherwise, companies wouldn't use it for ecommerce because they would all be the same.

Old customer portal

Anchor Group has seen companies purchase SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced just for "My Account." This is because SuiteCommerce My Account has a lot to offer beyond a better user interface. There are more features accessible and customizations specific to your business that are easier to develop.

What exactly is SuiteCommerce MyAccount?

SuiteCommerce (full ecommerce solution) is made of 3 SSP applications.

  1. Shopping
  2. My Account
  3. Checkout

This means that there are essentially 3 separate websites that comprise the entire SuiteCommerce product. SuiteCommerce MyAccount takes just that SSP application. For instance, let's say you were on an ecommerce website and clicked the "log in" button. This would take you to the SuiteCommerce MyAccount SSP application (My Account Page).

Here is one example of what your SuiteCommerce My Account might look like. Luckily, this is a web-based solution that gives you the ability to edit HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You can edit the theme or extensions affecting the portal.

Suitecommerce my account

There are multiple ways you can enhance SuiteCommerce MyAccount using theme or extension changes.

Here are some ways you might want to enhance it.

  1. Display Custom Records
  2. Upsell Theme Modification

You might want to add in a banner as a way to communicate promotions or newsletter material. In the image below, you can see that this example has different ways for customers to interact more with your organization. You might want to add newsletter signup, upsell opportunities, podcast information, webinar links, educational material, downloadable material, or product catalogs.

Suitecommerce portal view

Upsell Products in SuiteCommerce MyAccount

SuiteCommerce MyAccount Features

There are primary features available in SuiteCommerce MyAccount that make it a powerful customer portal. The best thing is that it can still be enhanced with other customizations.

  • Enable buying efficiencies, including support for routine, repeat, and bulk ordering.
  • Streamline billing with capabilities to view account balance, invoices, and transaction history as well as make payments against invoices.
  • Reduce support requests with online self-service resources and tools.
  • Deliver an optimized mobile experience for smartphones and tablets with responsive web design.
standard vs. premium edition

You can read more about NetSuite's MyAccount Customer Portal with this SuiteCommerce MyAccount PDF brochure.

  • Sign in/sign up/forgot password. Enable account creation, returning customer sign-in and password reset.
  • Profile management. Give customers capabilities to manage personal information and email preferences, including:
  1. Address book management. Buyers can manage multiple shipping and billing addresses, including defining default shipping and billing addresses for faster checkouts.
  2. Credit card management. Allow customers to store and manage credit cards.
  • Order history. Provide full access into online order history and details of each order, including billing, shipping and payment information and order status with tracking links; enable customers to reorder items from order history.
  • Returns. Enable self-service return management that allows shoppers to initiate an online return authorization.
  • Case management. Improve engagement and client satisfaction by enabling customers to submit questions or support queries, directly connected to your support desk.
  • Product/wish lists. Shoppers can create and manage lists of favorite or frequently purchased items.
  • Billing. Automate and expedite your billing process by allowing your customers to do these tasks online:
  1. Account balance. Customers can view summaries of outstanding and available balances, deposits, credit memos and the terms associated with their account.
  2. Print statement. Customers can download or print their account statement.
  3. Invoices and payments. Give customers with terms capabilities to make full or partial payment against single or multiple invoices.
  4. Transaction history. Allow customers to drill down into the details of all transactions and save to a permanent record.
  5. Quotes. Streamline the quoting process by allowing buyers to submit a Request for Quote on your website. A company representative can revise or approve the quote. Once the buyer provides approval, the quote can then be converted to an online order. See a more detailed overview of the quoting feature in this article.
Myaccount reorder screen

SuiteCommerce MyAccount Customization

SuiteCommerce MyAccount is the SSP application of the traditional SuiteCommerce experience which means that the theme can be edited to fit your styling or company branding. SuiteCommerce is managed by an extension manager that allows an administrator to turn a particular theme or extension (custom functionality) on or off. A SuiteCommerce developer can build out extra functionality. For instance, you may want to allow a customer to modify an existing order under certain criteria.

SuiteCommerce MyAccount Implementation

You will likely want to use a NetSuite commerce agency partner if you want to get the most out of the SuiteCommerce MyAccount customer portal solution. These NetSuite partners are specialized in SuiteCommerce. SuiteCommerce is a unique product that requires skillsets beyond a traditional NetSuite developer. Depending on the level of features you want to configure or customize, your portal implementation will take about 15-50 hours to implement.

Upgrading to SuiteCommerce Later

SuiteCommerce MyAccount is designed to make it easier for B2B organizations to make the jump into SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced. My Account is one of the SSP applications that make up the SuiteCommerce product, it is fairly easy to add the shopping experience. Depending on the level of requirements, you can expect the SuiteCommerce implementation to take between 100 - 250 hours.

NetSuite Commerce Partner

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