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by Caleb Schmitz in , September 21st, 2020

If your company is still processing quotes over the phone or through email, NetSuite offers a quicker, more secure, and more reliable solution. The native Quote feature (standard for all SuiteCommerce websites) streamlines the user and Sales Rep experience by automatically generating transaction records that can be managed within NetSuite. This feature has the potential to save tremendous amounts of time for your Sales team and is highly customizable.

Read on for a summary of the steps of the process on both the user and employee perspectives:

Step 1: User Completes a Quote Request

After clicking the “Request a Quote” button in the standard header of a SuiteCommerce site, the user is allowed to add any items to their quote request and add a message to their associated Sales Rep.

SuiteCommerce Quoting

Step 2: Quote Request Confirmation

Upon submission, the user will be shown a summary of their Quote Request, but will not be able to click the “View and Place Order Button” until the Quote is approved by their Sales Rep within NetSuite.

View & Place Order button

Step 3: Sales Rep Reviews the Quote Request

Within NetSuite, the Sales Rep will find a new line item for the submitted Quote Request under Transactions > Sales > Prepare Estimates.

NetSuite commerce quoting

This step of the process can be customized so that an email with a link to the Estimate record is automatically sent to the correct Sales Rep each time a new quote request is submitted.

Step 4: Sales Rep Prepares the Quote

When editing this Estimate Record, the Sales Rep will be able to adjust the individual pricing of each item in the Quote (useful for services without a fixed price) and apply discounts and shipping terms (customizable for each customer, depending on the company’s relationship with them, their order size, etc). They can also add a message to the Customer and choose how the updated Quote should be relayed to them (through My Account, email, etc)

SuiteCommerce preview
Next step for SuiteCommerce quoting

Step 5: Customer Reviews the Quote

The customer will see an updated quote in My Account and will have the opportunity to purchase the Order as if it were a normal checkout process or contact their Sales Rep directly for further negotiation.

Last step for SuiteCommerce quoting

NetSuite Quote Request Summary

In this example, a Customer was able to request a quote for a Kit of Inventory Items and a Service Item (without a standardized cost). Then, the Customer’s Sales Rep was automatically notified of the Quote request via email and was able to apply the correct cost to the Service Item, have the option to add an additional discount to the order, and respond with a personalized message. Finally, the Customer was able to proceed with purchasing the contents of the Quote as if they were standard Cart contents. This process streamlined the user and employee experience, reduced unnecessary communication, and accelerated the purchasing process.

NetSuite’s Quote feature is a powerful tool to boost your business’ performance, manage your records seamlessly, and provide a sleek customer experience.

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Hopefully, this post gives you something to work with while trying to understand NetSuite and what it can do for your business. If you have general questions about NetSuite, or more specific questions about NetSuite's native request a quote feature, feel free to contact us at any time. Anchor Group is a certified Oracle NetSuite Alliance Partner & Commerce Partner, and is equipped to handle all kinds of NetSuite and SuiteCommerce projects, large or small!

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