Advanced AP for NetSuite

An AP Automation Solution for NetSuite ERP

advanced ap for netsuite

Advanced AP for NetSuite provides you with the functionality and automation you need to onboard vendors and manage vendor bills!

Complete with a full self-service vendor portal, and OCR functionality for vendor bill creation, this solution saves your team time and brings automation into NetSuite AP management.


NetSuite Solution Features

  • Staged Vendor Onboarding Process
  • OCR Functionality
  • Match Vendor Bills with POs
  • Vendor Bill Creation Logic and Approvals
  • Works with any of NetSuite's two-way or three-way matching workflows you have set up with the account

Business Use Cases

  • Give vendors access to NetSuite data through a self-service portal
  • Time saving for companies that do vendor onboarding
  • Easily manage periodic vendor reviews
  • Simplify the vendor bill creation process with OCR functionality
  • Great alternative if the NetSuite AP Automation module doesn't meet your needs!

NetSuite Vendor Bill Scanning

Document Management and NetSuite OCR

Once your vendor has been fully onboarded, in the upload bill section, they will have the option to drag-and-drop files. This uploads a document into NetSuite Document Collaboration, and then it creates a staging record within NetSuite.

A scheduled script goes in and sends it to the OCR platform, where the vendor bill is scrapped. Then, either a vendor bill is created within NetSuite as a transaction, or if there is an error, it pauses with the staging record, and then somebody can review it to see what went wrong.

Note: The OCR functionality is limited to the English language at this time.
netsuite vendor onboarding

NetSuite Vendor Onboarding

Basic NetSuite Vendor Approval

With basic vendor onboarding (available through Advanced Entity Portals), you have the ability to configure questionnaires, setup sections of your questionnaire, and have them both put together into a template. So you can create different templates for each type of vendor you are onboarding, and you can create any number of templates that you want.

What Advanced AP allows for beyond that is the ability to default the templates according to your vendor category. When a new vendor is created, and a vendor category is selected, and Advanced AP will automatically assign templates based on the vendor type.

Approvers can be assigned to the vendor, and workflows can be setup so that the questionnaire sent out goes to those approvers.

staged vendor onboarding configuration

Staged Vendor Onboarding

NetSuite Vendor Approval Workflow

Looking for a more sophisticated way of onboarding a vendor? Advanced AP for NetSuite lets you set up one-stage, two-stage, and three-stages for vendor onboarding!

This staged onboarding can be fully customized! You can set up NetSuite vendor approval workflows so that one particular stage is only initiated after all previous stages have been completed. Alternatively, you can provide all the questionnaires and let the vendor answer questions for all of these stages in parallel, but require separate approval for each.

vendor portal view

NetSuite Vendor Portal

AP Automation for NetSuite

Vendors in the onboarding process will only see a limited view of the vendor portal with just two tabs, one with the questionnaire and one with the compliance documents.

Then, once a vendor is onboarded, they see a more detailed view in the vendor portal. A vendor who's been onboarded sees all the information you have associated with them, including things like their address details, and contacts within the vendor.

The vendor view is fully customizable to meet your needs!

ocr vendor bills

NetSuite AP Approval Process

NetSuite Vendor Bill Approval Workflow

This solution gives you the option to have NetSuite vendor bill approval workflows to either automatically approve the vendor bills created through OCR, or manually review the vendor bill and approve it.

If you want to review what was pulled over through the OCR, or if you need to train the algorithm, you can go back and look at what was sent to OCR, and identify and make any necessary corrections. Error conditions are configurable, so you choose what the system will mark as an error, under what scenarios the vendor bill creation should fail.


Demo: NetSuite Document Collaboration

NetSuite Document Collaboration is a document management solution for NetSuite that integrates with NetSuite Advanced AP, allowing you and your vendors to store and share documents. Files uploaded to the vendor portal via OCR are stored in NetSuite Document Collaboration as well.


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