NetSuite Document Collaboration

A Document Management System (DMS) for NetSuite ERP

document collaboration for netsuite

This NetSuite document management solution will not only save you from being penalized for using extra storage over NetSuite's 10 GB, but it also lets you work on documents collaboratively with your customers, vendors, and teammates!

Document Collaboration can be put on top of any record within your NetSuite instance.


NetSuite Solution Features

  • Document storage, sharing, and versioning
  • Drag-and-drop documents for upload
  • Bulk-upload capabilities
  • Check out documents for editing
  • View & download documents
  • Powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Folders and categories for document organization
  • Document collaboration portal
  • Mobile capabilities make portal viewable on any device
  • DocuSign integration

Business Use Cases

  • Easy NetSuite document management
  • Avoid being charged for going over NetSuite's 10 GB of file storage
  • Collaborate with vendors on terms agreements
  • Collaborate with customers on contracts
  • Collaborate with your internal team on marketing materials
  • Send documents internally or to your customers or vendors for approval
  • E-sign documents quickly with the DocuSign integration
document collaboration for NetSuite

NetSuite Document Management

NetSuite File Drag and Drop

Document Collaboration includes all the basic file management features of NetSuite's file cabinet. Upload documents, and view document details such as the file type or category, and view or download documents normally.

Plus, this solution goes beyond the capabilities of NetSuite File Cabinet with the ability to preview documents without leaving the NetSuite record page!

document collaboration checked out document

Checking Out NetSuite Documents

NetSuite Document Management System

If there is an error on a file, you can check out the file, ensuring that nobody else will upload another version while you are making the correction, essentially locking this file until you are done with your changes and check it back in. When you check a file back in, it will automatically create a new version of the document.

approve reject or colaborate on document versioning

File Approval Workflows

NetSuite Document Management Partners

Use native NetSuite workflows to send documents for approval!

Document Collaboration has a portal that allows clients to review and approve or reject documents without accessing NetSuite. Clients can quickly approve or reject documents, leave comments, or upload a document, which will automatically be attached to the record! Only people with the proper permissions will be able to see a document or otherwise interact with NetSuite document management.


Limited by NetSuite File Cabinet?

Bypass NetSuite File Cabinet Storage Limits!

Document Collaboration for NetSuite is powered by AWS (Amazon Web Services). This means that documents do not count against your 10 GB NetSuite file storage limit! This allows you to avoid additional storage fees, while also achieving even greater NetSuite document management capabilities!


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NetSuite Document Management

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