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by Corynn Anderson in , , September 15th, 2023

When onboarding a vendor, you will have certain questions you always ask. Reduce the manual data entry and time spent onboarding vendors by automating the collection of responses! The Advanced Entity Portals solution for NetSuite allows you to configure questionnaires to gather the responses you need during the vendor onboarding process.

Note: The process outlined below to setup questionnaires applies to both the Advanced Entity Portals solution and Advanced AP for NetSuite. However, the Advanced AP solution goes even further with functionality to allow for staged vendor onboarding in NetSuite.

Configure Questionnaire Navigation

To set up a questionnaire, Navigate to Vendor - Management > Configurations > Questionnaires.

This will open up the Configure Questionnaires screen, which will guide you through a simple three-step process to set up your Questionnaires.

Writing Onboarding Questions

The first step to configure questionnaires is to set up the individual questions. Here you can also designate the response type, such as checkbox, text field, or drop-down.

When you have created all of your questions, click Next.

Defining Questionnaire Sections

Once you've defined the questions you want to ask your vendors, the second step of the questionnaire setup is to define the sections in which these questions fall, like information security and privacy or web application security.

When you have created all the sections you want, click Next.

Setting up Templates in NetSuite

Having defined questions and sections, the third and final step in configuring questionnaires is to combine these components into questionnaire templates. You can make a selection from your existing Questionnaire Templates and either Save it as New or Update an Existing Template.

To make edits, select whether a question should Show on this template or not, whether it will be Mandatory, and what Question Section it should fall under.

When you are done configuring your questionnaire, click Finish! You can now use the newly configured questionnaire to onboard or reassess your vendors!

Don't have Advanced Entity Portals for NetSuite?

The functionality outlined in this article is made available through the Advanced Entity Portals solution for NetSuite. Interested in learning more about the portal, including the Vendor Portal and Customer Portal functionality? Check it out!

About Advanced Entity Portals for NetSuite

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