Intro to Customer Portals  (Advanced Entity Portals for NetSuite)

by Corynn Anderson in , September 25th, 2023

Discover the Customer Portal functionality available through Advanced Entity Portals! Advanced Entity Portals for NetSuite uses a responsive design that works on any device. Your customers can log in on their mobile phones, tablet, or desktop, and see all relevant information!

Fully Customizable View

The customer portal is fully customizable! Depending on how you plan to leverage the portal, you can add or remove tabs and sections as needed.

Share Information

Customers can click through the different tabs to view sales orders, item shipment information, invoices, payments, and more! On each page, customers can click in and view the details of sales orders, item shipments, etc. respectively.

Accept Customer Payments

Customers can make payments right from the portal if you have payments set up. When a customer clicks 'make a payment,' it creates a customer payment within NetSuite.

If you have a payment processing profile set up within NetSuite, it automatically takes that payment processing profile and processes the payment if you use something like Stripe and need a custom integration, that can also be done.

Document Collaboration

The customer portal also comes with document management integrated into it. Customers can drag and drop documents to upload them.

Customers can also view a full list of documents they have uploaded or that you have surfaced for that customer by clicking on the File List option in the upper-right-hand corner of the screen.

Familiar UI for NetSuite Users

If you or your clients have used the SuiteCommerce customer portal before, you will find this very familiar. The design for Advanced Entity Portals was based on the SuiteCommerce My Account portal design. It can be added to, changed, and branded according to your company's colors and logo!

Speaking of ecommerce portals, check out this CPQ for NetSuite that can be integrated with Advanced Entity Portals! By integrating these solutions, you can provide ecommerce functionality that allows your customers to configure products for purchase without needing a SuiteCommerce site!

VIDEO: Intro to Advanced Entity Portals for NetSuite

Don't have Advanced Entity Portals?

The functionality outlined in this article is made available through the Advanced Entity Portals solution for NetSuite. Interested in learning more about the portal, including the Vendor Portal and Employee Portal functionality? Check it out!

About Advanced Entity Portals for NetSuite

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