CPQ for NetSuite

A Solution for NetSuite ERP and SuiteCommerce

product configuration price and quote solution for netsuite suitecommerce

Looking for CPQ software for NetSuite? Built with the whole suite and warehouse operations in mind, CPQ for NetSuite allows you to set up configurable items that are optimized for the user experience at every point in the configuration process!

Easily set up configurable items in NetSuite, build item configurations from a sales order in NetSuite ERP, and allow customers to configure products on your SuiteCommerce website.


NetSuite Solution Features

  • Available in NetSuite ERP, SuiteCommerce, and SCA
  • Can be surfaced in the Advanced Entity Portals solution
  • Product images can be associated with each option
  • Fully customizable CPQ functionality
  • Support for SuitePromotions
  • Unlimited option "levels" or lines
  • Support for Quotes

Business Use Cases

  • Quickly setup configurable products in NetSuite ERP
  • Enable customers to easily configure products on your SuiteCommerce or SCA website
  • Easily configure products on sales orders in NetSuite
  • Warehouse can easily pick items and track inventory at line level
  • Great alternative if the NetSuite CPQ Module doesn't meet your needs!

Setting Up Configurable Products and Item Options

CPQ Software for NetSuite

When setting up configurable items in NetSuite, you can configure settings for each individual option to be associated with the main product.

You can define the order in which the options display. Options are non-conditional by default, but establishing option dependencies is helpful in guiding the configuration process. With a dependency in place, the CPQ will show/hide specific options depending on what has already been selected.

configuring a product in netsuite

NetSuite Native CPQ

Configuring a Product in NetSuite

This CPQ solution enables your employees to configure products right from the sales order in NetSuite!

CPQ for NetSuite shows every option available for the lower levels of dependencies, given what has been already selected. So it always ensures that you never select an incorrect combination of products.


CPQ in SuiteCommerce

CPQ for NetSuite Ecommerce

CPQ for SuiteCommerce allows you to add images for every option! So, as the user clicks each option, they can see how the product will look.

If there is a configuration you want preselected on the SuiteCommerce PDP for the product, you can set those options to be selected by default. You can also make certain options mandatory, or even provide price markups for specific options!


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