CPQ Solution for NetSuite SuiteCommerce (and SCA)

In this article, I'll show you how CPQ for NetSuite works on SuiteCommerce and SCA. Once you have set up a configurable product and item options on the backend in NetSuite, you can give your customer the ability to configure products directly from a PDP (product detail page) on your SuiteCommerce site.

Selecting Configuration Options

The SuiteCommerce PDP (product detail page) of a configurable product setup using CPQ for NetSuite will look quite similar to a PDP for a NetSuite matrix item. However, as you select options for a configurable item, you will notice the functionality is much more robust in the CPQ.

CPQ for NetSuite allows you to easily list as many configurable item options and option levels as you need and display them dynamically on your SuiteCommerce site based on what the customer selects. If you have set up item option dependencies to guide the configuration process, you may only have one option displaying at first, with additional options only displaying based on what the customer selects. This dependency functionality helps ensure that a customer cannot select an impossible product combination on your SuiteCommerce site.

You will also notice that the item image changes as each option is selected. This lets the customer see how each selection will change the product they are configuring.

Option-dependent Price Adjustments

If you set up a markup for a particular item option selection, this markup is indicated on the selection to ensure that the customer understands the markup. When evaluating product options, the customer can easily see how each option they choose contributes to the overall cost of the configured product.

If you chose to set up a SuitePromotion, such as a 10% discount on a particular configuration, the customer will also be able to see when this is auto-applied to their configured product.

Automatic Quantity Selections

Another feature of this CPQ solution that is quite handy for the customer during the SuiteCommerce shopping experience is automatic quantity selections.

For example, say the customer is buying a car from you. When your team sets up the configurable product in NetSuite, they can set the wheel option to have an automatic quantity of 4 wheels. This way, the customer can select the 20-inch wheels option, and four wheels will automatically be added to the configured product.

Adding Items to the Cart

So now that I have chosen all these options, I can click add to cart. In the SuiteCommerce Cart view, the configured product displays as a single item with options displayed alongside it.

If you are familiar with the ERP side of this CPQ, you will remember that each item option gets added to the sales order as a separate line item for easy warehouse picking. However, people don't want to see different line items in their cart when they shop online. They want to see that they have purchased these blinds with these options.

Product Option Images

As mentioned above, CPQ for NetSuite allows you to associate images with every product option. So, as the user clicks each option, they can see what the product will look like.

If you're familiar with SCA, you know that it uses image naming conventions to associate images with the correct products. The image options in this CPQ solution work in the same way. CPQ for NetSuite allows you to name an image according to an image naming convention you establish. Then, when you drop the image file in the CPQ folder, the image will automatically be associated with the appropriate option!

Don't Have CPQ for NetSuite?

The functionality outlined in this article is made available through the CPQ solution for NetSuite. Interested in learning more about the CPQ, including the NetSuite ERP or Advanced Entity Portal functionality? Check it out!

About CPQ for NetSuite

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