Adding Images to Netsuite Item to Show in SuiteCommerce Website

by Caleb Schmitz in , , July 23rd, 2021

If you are having trouble figuring out how to add images to your NetSuite items, this is a good breakdown of what you need to do. With companies using SuiteCommerce, there is an additional step you will want to consider while uploading your images to NetSuite and having the associated automatically to the items.

If your images on your website product detail pages look like this and don't have an image, it is because the image is not associated to the item in NetSuite.

suitecommerce image not available

NetSuite Item Assocated Images

Here is an example of an item in NetSuite and showing where you might find the associated images.

Netsuite item associated image

Getting an associated image on the NetSuite item is NOT done by putting an image in the “item display image” field, but by appropriately naming the image that you upload to the file cabinet. Image file naming convention for your website, which can be changed in website set up. 

Getting prepared for uploading the images

Before you start naming your images, make sure to validate your naming convention by navigating to the website setup.

SuiteCommerce website setup

You can see that we have validated our filename format.

website setup image filename format
[Display Name/Code]_{Category 1}_{Category 2}.[EXT]

Example: Four Loco Fruit Punch_01

You need the “_01” because it assumes you will have multiple images per item record.

The categories only apply if it is a matrix item (a product variant like different colors or sizes of the same product). Make sure the inventory item has something in the display name/code field. This can have spaces and caps, so I just copy the name exactly.

Make sure to save the image in the appropriate file folder, which you can find in the website setup. You'll want to use the folder for Live hosting files in most cases. And if it is not configured in your website setup, you'll need to do this now.

website image folder

Our site has this set as the folder: Web Site Hosting Files > Live Hosting Files > Website Item Images with the right file name in the right folder will be automatically associated with the item record. 

Now let's upload an image or edit an image in our file cabinet to get it to properly associate to the product.

Uploading or Editing the Image in Action

First, navigate to your folder that will hold your website images. Remember that this needs to match the Image Source mentioned previously. If you haven't navigated to the file cabinet yet, this is how you get to it.

Navigate to "Documents > Files > File Cabinet", then click on "Web Site Hosting Files > Live Hosting Files > Your Folder."

File Name of Item Image Before:

NetSuite File cabinet Website hosting files

File Name of Item Image Done Correctly:

seeing file cabinet images

You can check to see if it worked by going to the inventory item record > web store subtab > associated images subtab.

associated image on NetSuite product

More info on images:

TIP: If you are still having issues connecting the image, check one thing: on the Web Site Setup page, under images, there is a dropdown to select “Item Identifier”, which is defaulted to Display Name/Code. If it is set to Display Name/Code, ensure that each item that needs a picture has the Display Name field filled, and use that value when naming the image file. Alternatively, change the Item Identifier dropdown to use Item Name/Number, and then use the Item Name field on the item to name the image files.

Finally, let's just confirm that images are showing up in SuiteCommerce. Navigate to your website product detail page and press Ctrl+Shift+R to do a browser cache refresh. You should see your images show up right away in the order that you labeled them (e.g. 01 or 02).

Suitecommerce advanced book showing

Image upload for large quantities of NetSuite items

If you are going to be uploading a lot of images to associate to the items in NetSuite, you will want to use a more bulk upload method. This can be done using the Bulk Renaming method and you might even want to consider using a free product called bulk rename utility.

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