SuiteCommerce Tutorial: Cache Invalidation Request

by Corynn Anderson in , April 27th, 2023

If your role involves managing a SuiteCommerce site, you'll likely be performing cache invalidation requests on a regular basis. It's a very simple process, but one that's important to know how to complete if your day-to-day tasks include working in SuiteCommerce.

When to Submit a Cache Invalidation Request

If you are making edits to the SuiteCommerce configuration record or troubleshooting an error in SuiteCommerce, a cache invalidation request can come in quite handy! While cached content will expire eventually, submitting a cache invalidation request allows you to surface updated content right away.

Examples of some situations when you will want to perform a Cache Invalidation Request are:

Note: Cache invalidation will be automatically triggered in certain cases, such as when you overwrite a hosted file or media item located in NetSuite under File Cabinet > Web Site Hosting Files.

Remember, when you want to check on updates to SuiteCommerce item data right away (on a PDP for example), you can also perform a browser cache refresh by pressing Ctrl+Shift+R instead.

How to Submit a Cache Invalidation Request in NetSuite

Step 1: Go to Commerce > Content Management > Cache Invalidation Request > New.

Step 2: Select the domain from the Available Domains list and use the arrow key to move it to the Selected Domains column. Then select whether you want to clear the cache for specific URL paths, or clear the cache for the whole domain(s). In most cases, you will clear the cache for the whole domain.

Step 3: Finally, click Submit to initiate the request.

That's it! Now you can return to your SuiteCommerce site to confirm that any changes you made are displaying correctly!

Hopefully, this post helped you set up your SuiteCommerce website and customize it to be more useful for your customers. If you have any questions and want some free consulting advice, feel free to contact our team at Anchor Group!

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