Tutorial: How to install Google reCAPTCHA on SuiteCommerce

by Caleb Schmitz in , , November 12th, 2021

If you have recently faced fraudulent orders through your SuiteCommerce website, this tutorial walks you through the installation process of Anchor Group's Google reCAPTCHA Bundle for SuiteCommerce.

A bot attack on your SuiteCommerce website can cost you many thousands of dollars, either because of fraudulent purchases or because the high number of bad credit card requests can shut down your payment processor and prevent good orders from being placed. It is your responsibility to put measures in place to protect yourself. This simple solution is the industry standard in stopping fraudulent orders from bots attacking your website. After you install this solution, make sure to check out other SuiteCommerce apps & features built by Anchor Group.

Prerequisite: Request access to the bundle (7-day free trial)

Before you start the installation process, you will need to purchase the solution here which has a 7-day free trial and can be canceled at any time.

You will need to provide your NetSuite Account ID when you request access. After you finish checking out and entering your payment information, you will get redirected to a form which will ask for your NetSuite Account ID. If you don't know where to find this, it is located in the URL of NetSuite when you are logged in. You can also find it by navigating to SETUP > COMPANY > COMPANY INFORMATION. This is required in order to provision the bundle to your NetSuite environment and make it available to install.

NetSuite account id url

Prerequisite: Create Google reCAPTCHA account

While you wait for access, you can begin by setting up your Google reCAPTCHA account and getting the keys needed for the installation.

google recaptcha keys

You will need the following data pieces prior to setting up the bundle:

  • Google captcha API URL
typically use https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api.js which appears by default
  • Google verify captcha API URL
typically use https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/siteverify which appears by default
  • Google captcha site key
  • Google captcha secret key

Compile this information in a safe location while you wait for access to the bundle. Access requests received before 12 PM CST typically will be available within the same day. Otherwise, it might take a full business day to receive access to the bundle.

When you are on the website, you can select this link which will take you to the page to setup a V2 reCAPTCHA (the version currently supported by the bundle).

Google recaptcha setup step 1

Then you can create your account. Make sure to select "reCAPTCHA v2" and the "I'm not a robot" selection. Fill in the rest of the information as required.

Troubleshooting Hint: Make sure to include your SuiteCommerce checkout domain as well if you don't use your primary domain with your checkout domain.
google recaptcha step 2
NOTE: If you plan to use V3, please select the V3 option instead.

After you click "submit", you will be taken to this page which shows you the two fields required to collect for the SuiteCommerce configuration at a later step.

suitecommerce google keys

Step 1: Installing the Bundle

The first step is to install the Bundle into your NetSuite environment. If you don't have NetSuite permissions to install a bundle, you will need to ask your NetSuite Administrator to perform this step or to provide you admin access to NetSuite.

Navigate to "Search and Install Bundles"

search and install suitebundle navigation

Search for Bundle ID "412248" or by searching for "Google reCAPTCHA" and select the correct result.

install google recaptcha bundle

Click on the name of the bundle.

Click "Install"

click install bundle

Click "Install" again after reviewing what is getting installed.

click install again for bundle

Click "OK" after the warning.

click ok for the prompted warning

Refresh the list until you see the status switch from "Pending" to a checkmark.

refresh the installation list until no pending

Install the updated bundle for V3 reCAPTCHA (1B)

Anchor Group released Bundle ID: 472206 allows for recaptcha V3. You will need to install both of the bundles for this to work as expected. Follow the same bundle installation instructions. But make sure your recaptcha site key and secret key are made for V3 rather than V2.

Step 2: Activate the Extension

The next step is to activate the extension for the SuiteCommerce website. Navigate to Commerce > Extensions > Extension Manager.

extension manager navigation

Click "EDIT" on the domain you wish to activate this extension on and then navigate to the "Extensions" tab. Once you are there, you will need to "Check" the "Google Re-CAPTCHA Integration" extension and then click "ACTIVATE".

activate suitecommerce extension

Refresh the page and several times until you see that the activation has finished its progress and is completed.

Step 3: Recaptcha Configuration

Anchor Group placed the Google ReCaptcha keys outside of the SuiteCommerce configuration record for security reasons. This means that there is a record just for these keys to be configured prior to checking the boxes of where you want it to be displayed on the website.

In the global search bar, search for "Page: AG Recaptcha Configuration", then click "New AG Recaptcha Configuration"

recaptcha configuration netsuite

This is where you will place the keys you captured during the prerequisite step of these instructions.

Anchor Group recaptcha configuration

Copy/paste your site key & secret key found during your prerequisite step of this process into the appropriate fields.

subscription status google recaptcha

You will need to ensure that the "Subscription Status" box is checked while configuring this record. This triggers a script to check to see if your subscription is active. You only need to do this once because the script will run automatically during the middle of the night to validate your subscription status is still active.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT DELETE the configuration record as if you delete the initial record and create a new one as the internal ID is directly connected to the extension, it will create an error and you will need to reach out to Anchor Group for support.

Step 4: SuiteCommerce Configuration

Navigate to SuiteCommerce configuration in order to complete the configuration of Google reCAPTCHA for your website.


suitecommerce configuration select domain

Select your website record and domain you have for your SuiteCommerce website and click "configure".

Then you will need to navigate to the "extensions" tab and then the "Google Captcha Integration" subtab.

Configure google recaptcha for suitecommerce

Enter the Site Key and Secret Key from your Google reCAPTCHA account and select the checkboxes where you want the reCAPTCHA to display.

Display recaptcha in NetSuite website checkbox

Once you have finished this configuration, you will be able to click "Save".

Step 5: Testing

To make sure all the changes have taken effect, navigate to the Cache Invalidation Request prior to going to your website to refresh.


suitecommerce cache invalidation request

Move the domain you just activated into the "Selected Domains" box, then make sure you selected the "Clear cache for the whole domain(s)" followed by submitting.

new cache invalidation request how to

Once you have completed this, you can go to your SuiteCommerce website and press "CTRL + SHIFT + R" which will refresh the cache of your browser.

Make sure the reCAPTCHA shows up in the correct places the way you want. If for some reason it does not, you may need to reach out to support at Anchor Group in order to have a custom installation. This may be because of an interaction with another customization/theme you have made in the past. If this occurs, you can disable the extension easily by removing the "display" checkboxes in configuration or by unchecking the extension in the extension manager and activating again.

From here, if you selected to display in other areas, make sure to confirm that they all are working properly and place a sample order.

Test New Customer Registration

If you enabled Google ReCAPTCHA on new customer registration, you should make sure to test that it not only appears but also is able to successfully complete the new customer registration (if an internal error occurs, see "Getting an internal error?" section below). Make sure to place a test order with your nearly registered customer if you also enabled ReCAPTCHA at the checkout.

new customer register suitecommerce recaptcha

Test Order

If you enabled Google ReCaptcha on placing of the order/checkout, you should make sure to test it. Log in as a test returning customer and place a test order.

Test Guest Checkout

If you enabled Google ReCaptcha on guest checkout, you should make sure to test it.

If you have guest checkout enabled in your environment, you will need to add an item to the cart prior to being logged in. Then you will need to proceed to checkout which is where the guest checkout option appears should you have it enabled. Make sure to register as a guest here and place another test order.

NOTE: If you don't have the checkbox for "DISPLAY RECAPTCHA FOR REGISTRATION" checked, then the guest checkout will not work.

Getting an internal error?

If you got an internal error, you will need to make sure your SSP applications are using SuiteScript 2.0. You can utilize the instructions on SuiteAnswers Article 91098 to show you how to do this. This will be needed in order to get it to function properly. It is more common to get this error on SuiteCommerce websites that were implemented before the year 2021.

Followed all the documentation and still facing an issue?

If you followed this tutorial and are facing an issue, please reach out to Anchor Group to get free support to troubleshoot the installation on your behalf.

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