Customizing SuiteCommerce Default Error Messages (without an extension!)

by Caleb Schmitz in , , September 3rd, 2021

When a customer is browsing your website, adding items to the cart, creating a customer account, and checking out, there are several areas in their shopping experience where you might have an error message show.

SuiteCommerce error message customize text

Use Case Examples

For instance, you could use this strategy to provide them a custom error message rather than a generic one. Another possible use case would be if you want to customize button labels throughout your SuiteCommerce website.

Need to change the default, system-generated text anywhere in a SuiteCommerce Standard (and maybe SuiteCommerce Advanced) site?

There is no need to use an extension to change this because there is a native way to do this already!

Solution: Customize Text on SuiteCommerce

Step 1: Navigate to Commerce > Content Management > Customize Text.

Step 2: Click “Customize” for the option you want to edit. (There might only be one option on this page anyway)

Step 3: Find the default text that matches the currently-displaying message that you would like to change.

SuiteCommerce custom messages

Step 4: Write the text you would like to replace it within the corresponding text area field under the “Customization” column.

Step 5: Add a description if it would be useful, especially if your custom message is complicated or contains variables, links, etc.

Step 6: Click 'Save'.

Step 7: Finally, perform a Cache Invalidation Request in NetSuite to update your changes.

That's it! Enjoy your newly customized system-generated text!

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