Customer Portal NetSuite Shipping

A NetSuite Commerce Customer Portal for Order Status and Shipment Tracking

netsuite customer portal order tracking

If you fulfill SuiteCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce orders in NetSuite, you can allow customers to check on the status of their order in a branded portal!

Customers have the freedom to surfacing their shipment information on-demand in a secure, branded NetSuite customer portal, without having to create an account!


NetSuite Solution Features

  • Customer portal app for NetSuite
  • Customer self-service order tracking portal
  • Enable customers to look up order details
  • Allow customers to track order shipments
  • Annual contract terms

Business Use Cases

  • Provide a simple customer portal for tracking order shipments
  • Can use in tandem with the returns portal for NetSuite to allow customers to return items in a matching interface
  • Include a link to this order tracking solution within MyAccount or other NetSuite Customer Portals for additional CRM functionality
  • Simple B2C customer portal
branded customer portal for netsuite order status lookup

NetSuite Customer Access Portal

With this NetSuite portal integration, you can enable customers to check on the status of their order in a branded portal.

The NetSuite portal looks up order shipment status by identifiable customer information such as NetSuite tracking number, order number, email, phone, or zip code, so customers don't need to create an account or a password! No need for a separate NetSuite customer portal login.

order status details netsuite commerce customer portal

NetSuite Portal Platform for Order Status and Tracking

Your customers can view their order status, including NetSuite fulfillment details!

Customers can see NetSuite item fulfillment package details such as the shipping carrier, tracking number, expected delivery, and shipping destination address.

In the custom portal, users can also view shipping status details such as package shipping history and shipment progress, and can even sign up to receive notifications about shipping for NetSuite orders.

NetSuite Customer Shipment Portal Demo

See the NetSuite customer portal order shipment tracking functionality in action!


NetSuite Customer Shipment Portal Configuration

Explore some of the configuration settings available to adjust the look and feel of the customer order tracking portal to best match your company's branding!


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