CSV Import Scheduler

A Data Management Solution for NetSuite ERP by the Developers at Anchor Group

NetSuite Import Scheduler

Have you ever had to stay late at the office in order to import data to NetSuite at the right time?

With this NetSuite extension, you can prepare CSV imports ahead of time and set them to run exactly when you need them to.

You can schedule these imports from inside of the NetSuite user interface, or even via email!

NetSuite Solution Features

  • Schedule CSV imports to run at specific times
  • Create custom import template records
  • Schedule a CSV import in NetSuite UI or via email
  • Setup custom alerts in the Email Configuration Wizard
  • Schedule multiple imports to run at the same time
  • Include multiple files in a single import
  • Unique template record IDs help increase data security

Business Use Cases

  • Import employee records
  • Change item prices on a schedule
  • Schedule CSV imports to run at specific times
  • Allow authorized personnel to schedule imports via email
  • Make data updates happen even when the office is empty

Scheduling NetSuite Imports

Almost any company that uses NetSuite will have data that needs to be imported at a specific time. Make the process easier by scheduling those data imports! Improve data integrity by reviewing past scheduled imports or confirming the details of imports waiting to run.

Easy Template Setup

There is some initial setup required before you can start scheduling imports inside of NetSuite.

Refine your company's data management processes by creating different import template records for individual use cases.

Simply create a saved CSV import that fulfills your needs for a given use case, and use that to build an import template record.

Once a template record has been created, it's ready to be used for scheduled imports!

Schedule in NetSuite

Once your import template records have been created, you can schedule an import from inside of your NetSuite system at any time!

Depending on your use case, you may want to attach multiple CSV files to the same import, or even schedule multiple imports to run at the same time.

Have specific notes that you want to add to your scheduled import? Simply add your comments in the space provided and they will be visible in the scheduled import list.

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Schedule Data Imports via Email

Scheduling imports inside of NetSuite is great, but this is where we really bring data management up to the next level! With importing via email, authorized individuals can create scheduled data imports to your NetSuite account, even if they don't have a NetSuite login.

Easiest Import Ever!

Have an employee or business partner whose only task in your NetSuite account is importing data? Free up a NetSuite license by having them schedule data imports via email!

Worried about data integrity? Don't be! You can protect your data by only sharing specific import template IDs with the people who need them.

Think you made a mistake on your scheduled import email? Don't worry! You can always go back and review your scheduled imports in NetSuite.

Utilize Emailer Alerts

Being able to schedule imports via email is extremely handy! But, it requires a few extra security measures.

The Emailer Configuration Wizard allows you to extend email import permissions to specific people, and it enables you to determine who will be notified if an unauthorized person tries to create a scheduled import via email.

Have someone on your team that you want fielding other possible error messages? You can assign that through the Emailer Configuration Wizard too!

Learn More About Scheduling Imports via Email

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