NetSuite Physical Inventory Count

An Inventory Management Solution for NetSuite ERP

Inventory count netsuite app

Inventory counting functionality is natively available in NetSuite. However, there are some limitations to what it can do.

NetSuite Physical Inventory Count makes it easier to count regularly and flexibly in a real-world scenario, whether you have warehouses, storefronts, or a mix of both!


NetSuite Solution Features

  • Configurable inventory count reminders
  • Filters for locations and bins
  • Inventory count worksheets available
  • Count with a Barcode Scanner, or Mobile Device Camera!
  • Review discrepancies and post adjustments
  • Review processed transactions

Business Use Cases

  • Easily count inventory while operations function normally
  • No need to shut down operations to do NetSuite's inventory count
  • Easier counting enables you to count more frequently (count monthly or quarterly vs annually)
  • Review processed inventory adjustment transactions
physical inventory worksheets

NetSuite Physical Count Sheets

NetSuite Inventory Count Saved Search

The Inventory worksheets provided by Physical Inventory Count are very simple sheets that can be exported as a CSV or Excel file, printed out, and allow you to start counting from there. The inventory worksheet is useful when you want to revalue inventory from the ground up, which is not something NetSuite's inventory count allows.

scan physical inventory

Best Way to Count Inventory in NetSuite

Count with a Barcode Scanner, or Mobile Device!

There are no strict hardware requirements for counting inventory with this solution. A barcode scanner can do this, but you do not need to purchase barcode scanners if your business is not already using them. Inventory can be counted with just about any mobile device that has a camera! The solution has been custom-built for mobile devices with as small as a three to five-inch screen, so inventory can be counted with a tablet or phone.

inventory count details

NetSuite Count Records

Review NetSuite Inventory Count

The solution allows you to go in and review all the items that have been counted. You can look at every warehouse, or just one specific warehouse, and can also apply filters to look at specific items, bins, and departments. The counting feature automatically counts the total variance for the inventory count information you are viewing.

If you find an error in the count, you don't have to go in and reject the entire count and restart. The solution allows you to simply change the count for the individual item to the correct amount.

physical inventory count reminders

NetSuite Cycle Count

NetSuite Inventory Count Reminders

An inventory item can be setup with multiple locations, or with the count set up for each location.

If you set up count intervals, the Physical Inventory Count solution can be configured to send out a reminder, with the list of items that are coming up to be counted. This is entirely configurable, so it can be sent to just one warehouse manager, or all warehouse managers. Or, you can send it to different people depending on the location.

posting inventory adjustments

NetSuite Inventory Count Report

Post NetSuite Inventory Count Adjustments

Physical Inventory Count allows you to view errors on transaction records, correct the physical quantity, and reprocess it!

Once you've reviewed an inventory count, there are multiple ways to post an inventory adjustment. Post one consolidated transaction for everything, or have separate transactions for each line. You can also either post an inventory adjustment or an inventory worksheet.


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