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Invoicing / Accounts Receivable Solution for NetSuite ERP

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Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning was built as a convenient way for NetSuite users to follow up on invoices with their customers. With four levels of dunning, this solution automates follow-ups with emails scheduled at your desired frequency.

Bulk-email NetSuite Dunning removes friction from the collections process, improves customer experience, and can help shorten time-to-cash!


NetSuite Solution Features

  • Choose between Manual or Automated
  • Interactive screen to view open invoices
  • Four levels of dunning to schedule automatic follow-ups
  • Send invoice emails to multiple recipients
  • Option to merge multiple invoices into a single PDF
  • Custom filters to view open invoices based on attributes
  • Metadata & analytics

Business Use Cases

  • Recover more on unpaid invoices
  • Bring automation to your collections process
  • Follow up on open invoices with customizable templates
  • Send bulk transaction emails with multiple attachments
  • CC your own employees on bulk automated emails
  • Unique email templates for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd follow-ups
  • A great alternative if the NetSuite Dunning Letters module doesn't meet your needs!

NetSuite Dunning Automation

Send Email Templates Automatically

If you don't need someone to review the invoices before they can be sent out, you can set up automated bulk-email invoices!

Specify when emails should send in relation to the due date of the invoices. You can also configure when the system should send follow-up emails, and set up different templates for different dunning levels, set threshold amounts, etc.

Once all of your conditions are set up, it will automatically send out emails for invoices that meet the criteria!

bulk-email invoices

Manual Bulk-email Dunning

How to Create an Email List in NetSuite

With the manual option for Bulk-email Dunning, you can search for the invoices you want to send by selecting a number of filters.

Say you only want to view invoices for a certain customer, or perhaps you only want to view all invoices from a certain date. After choosing filters, the search will surface all the invoices that meet your criteria so that you can review them and send to the associated list of emails.

email to field bulk customer  invoice send

Sending Mass Email in NetSuite

NetSuite Email Invoice, Multiple Recipients

After setting up recipient email addresses for a customer, any invoices created for that customer will have these bulk email addresses associated with them automatically. This enables you to quickly review and send invoicing emails manually, without having to add the recipient addresses each time!

bulk-email invoice actions

Send Multiple Email Attachments

Multi-Attach or Merge NetSuite Email Invoices

Send emails with multiple attachments by clicking a checkbox! If you have ten invoices open for a customer, this allows you to send them a single email with ten attachments, rather than sending ten emails.

As a further customization, you can merge attachments, and it will send a single email with a single PDF attachment with all the invoices included!


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