Hourly Employee Timeclock

A NetSuite ERP App by the Developers at Anchor Group

Hourly Employee Timeclock NetSuite ERP App

Does your company have hourly employees that need to be able to clock in and out? Utilize this mobile responsive, built inside NetSuite, and SuitePeople compatible solution. Get a tablet and mount to your warehouse wall as a clocking solution option. Let your employees take break and lunch while tracking accurate time entries. Avoid duplicate time entries via timeclock validations.

NetSuite App Features

  • User interface to clock in and out
  • UI optimized for tablet and mobile
  • Automated creation of time entry records in NetSuite
  • Process to approve time entries
  • Time entry saved searches for reporting
  • Connection to NetSuite payroll (optional)
  • No integration required

Business Use Cases

  • Hour employee time clock
  • Track time spent on manufacturing processes
  • Give employees a method of clocking in and out
  • Human resource time approval workflows

About the App

Nearly every manufacturing or distribution company has hourly employees. By using Anchor Group's Timeclock solution in combination with your preferred human resources (HR) solution, you can unlock the core capabilities you need in a timeclock solution. This timeclock solution is mobile responsive, compatible with SuitePeople (NetSuite HR solution), and built inside of NetSuite meaning that no integration is required.

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Hourly timeclock best erp software
hourly timeclock best erp software

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Implementation Time

30 hours

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