Employee Time Clock for NetSuite and SuitePeople

by Caleb Schmitz in , July 20th, 2022

Nearly every manufacturing or distribution company has hourly employees. By using Anchor Group's Timeclock solution in combination with your preferred human resources (HR) solution, you can unlock the core capabilities you need in a timeclock solution. This timeclock solution is mobile responsive, compatible with SuitePeople (NetSuite HR solution), and built inside of NetSuite meaning that no integration is required.

NetSuite TimeClock Blog Example

Timeclock Features

  • User interface to clock in and out
  • UI optimized for tablet and mobile
  • Automated creation of time entry records in NetSuite
  • Process to approve time entries
  • Time entry saved searches for reporting
  • Connection to NetSuite payroll (optional)
  • Employee PIN authentication

About the Timeclock UI

So how does this timeclock solution work? It is built inside of NetSuite as a NetSuite webpage meaning there is a unique URL to access it. Each employee is assigned a login code that typically is 4 digits long.

TimeClock login screen

After the employee enters their unique employee code, they are brought to their employee page which displays the options for clocking in, clocking out, going on lunch break, taking a standard break, and signing back out.

Timeclock Selections example

Additional Timeclock Capabilities

If your company needs to track time in manufacturing to certain manufacturing processes, it can be configured to do so for reporting purposes. If employees need to add time-based on the department they are working in, they select the department prior to any clocking-in options.

An employee is unable to clock in more than once to ensure that duplicate time entries are unavailable.

Some companies allow rules and time allotments for Lunch and breaks. These can also be configured.

VIDEO: In-Depth Timeclock Demo

If this Timeclock solution sounds like something you might be interested in, you can learn more about the solution or simply inquire now!

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