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SuiteCommerce Administrator


The SuiteCommerce Administrator course is intended to teach you how to use the native configuration in NetSuite. It will also touch on the website set up and a handful of other areas that impact the SuiteCommerce website. After completion of the course, you will be able to understand what every element of the configuration is able to do. 

Course Contents:

This course covers primarily main areas of SuiteCommerce developer work. Where applicable, it will cover specific configuration changes that are required to insert content.

Estimated Duration of Course: 5-10 Days

  • Set Up Web Site

  • Domain

  • Redirects

  • URL Components for Facets

  • Cache Invalidation Requests

  • Site Maintenance Domains

  • Related Item Categories

  • Text Group

  • Bulk Set URL Components

  • One-Way Synonyms

  • Group Synonyms

  • Preview Website

  • Website Hosting Files

  • SSP Applications

  • Sitemap Generator

  • Product Feeds

  • Uncategorized Presentation Items

  • Merchandising Rule List

  • Sitemap Crawler

  • SCIS Fallback Settings

  • Extension Manager

  • SuiteCommerce Configuration


Each course you purchase gets one FREE 30 minute tutor session to help you work through your assignments when you get stuck. You will get access to a special Slack channel specific to this course to be able to ask questions to others working in the course. Tutors monitor the channel to provide support when needed.