How to Give a Customer Access to your SuiteCommerce Webstore

If your SuiteCommerce or SCA site is password-protected, you will need to update the appropriate records in NetSuite in order to grant customer- or contact-level access to the webstore.


Why Password Protect SuiteCommerce?

Password protecting your SuiteCommerce store allows you to give particular customers or contacts access to the website while preventing the general public from viewing it. For example, a B2C company that just finished implementing SuiteCommerce or SCA could give VIPs early access to the site before opening it up to the masses. Alternatively, a B2C company may want to restrict access so that only customers who have signed contracts can access the SuiteCommerce site and place orders. While there are many different reasons why your company might want to restrict access to your SuiteCommerce site, let's dive right into how you can grant particular customers or contacts access to the webstore.

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