How to copy or move a SuiteCommerce Configuration record between sites, domains, and environments

by Caleb Schmitz in July 28th, 2021

The SuiteCommerce Configuration Record is a record type that is tied to a specific site-domain pair. It's a powerful tool for customizing your SuiteCommerce site and its extensions to best serve your customer's needs. However, it can be time-consuming and cumbersome to manually copy all of one site-domain pair's SuiteCommerce configuration record's settings for a different site-domain pair: whether that be in the same environment, or a different environment.

Fortunately, there's a faster way to copy these SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced configuration settings!

Copy SuiteCommerce Configuration for setting up sandbox website

Step 1: Ensure that the site-domain pair you are copying from and into have the same themes and extensions activated.

Step 2: Navigate to the following location in the NetSuite environment you are copying from: Customization > Lists, Records & Fields > Record Types

Step 3: Navigate to SC Configuration (do not click on “SC Configuration”)

Step 4: Click on “LIST” on the SC Configuration row (column on the far-right side of the screen)

Step 5: Click “edit” next to the configuration record you want to copy (it will have a configuration ID containing the name of the domain you wish to copy)

Step 6: Copy the value in the “CONFIGURATION JSON” field.

Step 7: Paste the JSON value into the "CONFIGURATION JSON" field of the record you are copying into.

Perform Steps 3-7 for the site-domain-environment you want to copy into.

Step 8: Save the record.

Step 9: Open the SC Configuration record normally (via Commerce > Websites > Configuration) to validate that your information was copied over correctly.

Hopefully, this post helped you customize your SuiteCommerce website and become more recognizable to customers. If you have any questions and want some free consulting advice, feel free to contact our team at Anchor Group.

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